Name? Name? Name?Mature

Chapter five: Name? Name? Name?

Four months into pregnancy...

Crystal loved Belle. More than anything. And on top of that she was having the time of her life making sure Belle and their two boys' were in such good hands.

'How are you feeling?' she asked after Belle came out of the bathroom after her bath.

'Better' belle rested a hand on her bump and went over to the bed. Crystal was instantly on her knees behind Belle. She rested her chin on Belle's shoulder and wrapped her arms over Belle's bump.

'Good, mmm baby you're getting really big'

'Are you saying I'm fat?' belle teased.

'No baby I'm not, you' she pressed a kiss to her neck 'are' she kissed belle's lips 'gorgeous'

'Not as gorgeous as you'

'No one ever is, but you are gorgeous to me'

'Thanks' Belle looked at their bed littered with baby name books 'you read all of these?'

Crystal nodded against her chest 'I've thought of a few'

'I won't get a say in these will I?'

'Not really'

'I don't mind I love the names you choose, what's one of these going to be called? Rasputan?'

'Ha ha bloody ha' Crystal kissed Belle's neck 'no baby, I was thinking more along the lines of Caleb?'

'Caleb? Caleb?' Belle played around with the word 'Caleb Zabini. I like it'


'Yes I love it!'

The End

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