New Year NewsMature

Chapter Four: New Year News

A week later...

Belle awoke feeling a twinge in her stomach. Crystal was already up and straightening herself up. In the long mirror she saw Belle awake and turned to face her. She smiled sweelty and sat down beside her, brushing her wife's fringe aside. 'Hey sweetie are you okay?'

'I feel like I need to throw-up' Belle admitted closing her eyes and tilting her head against Crystal's soothing strokes.

'Do you want me to send a healer round?'

'Why where are you going?'

'I thought since you don't look so well, that I could take the kids out to see my parents'

'Hmm alright, but I do not want your mother giving relationship advice to Joy'

'Name the last time she did that'

'The last time they went to see her'

'Alright alright' Crystal smiled and kissed Belle's forehead 'I'll send the healer around in an hour, okay?'

'Okay, I'll miss you'

'I'll miss you too' she blew her wife a kiss before leaving the bedroom.


The healer did come round within the next hour. Somehow Belle ahd managed to haul herself out of bed by the time he stopped by. 'Good morning Belle'

'Oh good morning Healer Graham'

'So what seems to be the problem today?'

'I keep getting a sick feeling in my stomach, I was wondering if you could run some tests, just so that I know it's nothing to worry about'

Graham nodded with a smile 'okay, lie down on the sofa and we'll take a look'

'Thank you for doing this' Belle said as she laid down on the sofa.

'Any time' Graham began to conduct the usual tests. Half an hour later it was confirmed to him. 'Well, I think I can safely say that it is good news'

'Oh really? What is it then?'


Belle barely registered this for a few seconds 'oh shit'


Crystal finally managed to persuade her mother to let her floo home to check up on belle. Her mother cast a displeasing look at her before she stepped into the fireplace. Crystal landed in their house with a thud and a mouthful of soot. Damn she hated floo. She looked around. Upon seeing Belle on the sofa her expression became worried. 'Bumble-bee are you alright?'

'Um...sure everything's fine'

Belle's voice was higher than usual clearly indicating she was not "fine". She shrugged her coat off and went to sit down with Belle on the sofa. 'Bee? What did Graham say?'

'He um ... he said ... you know it's a good thing you're sitting down because um...'


'I'M PREGNANT!' Belle slapped a hand to her mouth. Did I really just say that? SHIT!

Crystal was stunned into silence her mouth agape. 'Again?' Belle nodded. 'Pregnant?'

'Do you want me to call Graham back?'

'No, it's just ... um ... ah jeez ... did he say how many you were pregnant with?'

'Would you be surprised if I said twins?'

'Not really but bee-'


'Will you? The last time you were pregnant was with Noah and Destiny'

'I...I know' belle twiddled with her fingers 'but I could really use your support with this'

She looked so vulnerable. 'Aw honey' Crystal wrapped belle up in her arms 'of course I'll support you, I'm your bloody wife aren't I?'

'Yeah you are' belle grinned and couldn't help but think; damn I am the luckiest person in the world.

'So we're going to have two more babies?'

'No we're going to have two more boys''

'Seriously? Two more little boys'?'

'Ah huh'

'Okay we need to start thinking of names' Crystal bounced excitedly. Belle stared at her wife with wide eyes. Oh Merlin she though what have I unleashed? And on top of this we have the New Years party tonight?

The End

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