Christmas Presents and MistletoeMature

Chapter three: christmas presents and mistletoe

1 month later...

Destiny and her twin, Noah, perched on the top bunk of their bunk bed. It was late on Friday night, on the twenty-third of December, both teens were wrapped in their thick pyjamas. slippers and dressing gowns, the silent house seeming empty and large as their baby-sitter made sure that their younger siblings were all in their proper beds. Destiny brushed her dark brown curls away from her tan features and looked at her brother with cool eyes.

'Did you hear them last night?' she whispered.

Noah nodded his mis-matched eyes downcast 'they're getting better'

Destiny nodded 'it's about bloody time they're getting along, I can finally talk to Mumma without Mummy getting her knickers in a twist'

Noah laughed quietly running a hand through his jet-black hair 'well at least mummy's calmed down'


'Should we get some sleep, they'll be home soon'

'I suppose'

Noah glanced up at his slightly younger sister. He sighed with a grin 'want to share my bunk?'

'Yes!' Destiny planted a kiss on her twins' cheek before they snuggled down together and went to sleep, just as a car pulled up outside.


Crystal and Belle walked up to their front door and turned to each other. Belle smiled with a blush on her cheeks 'thank you, for tonigt, it was wonderful'

Crystal leant down and kissed Belle's rosy lips 'you're worth it' Belle entwinced their fingers and opened the front door. Their baby-sitter, Rose Weasley, looked completely knackered.

'Oh thank goodness you two are home! They're all asleep, but please don't call me until those two little terrors are at least seven years old?'

Crystal chuckled 'I'll make a note of it'

'THANK YOU!!' Rose hugged them both, grabbed the ten galleons she'd earnt, and fled the house.

'And you thought I was weird' Belle giggled.

Crystal kissed her wife's head 'you are my love, you are'

Belle still felt slightly tense around Crystal but other then that they were more or less on the road to recovery. 'I'll go check on the kids'

'I'll see you in the bedroom' Crystal winked and they went their seperate ways at the landing.


Crystal waited patiently in the bedroom. She glanced at her reflection in the mirror.

Damn I look good she mused as she ran her hands over the emerald silk teddy that exposed the majority of her firm dark breasts no wonder belle was almost drooling on the table.

Belle came in a few minutes later 'the kids are asleep-' she stopped short her voice latched in her throat, knees going weak at the sight of her wife. 'Oh sweet angel' she breathed.

Crystal licked her lips and sat suggestively on the bed 'care for a closer look?' Belle still couldn't find a way to speak. She merely stepped over to the bed. Crystal sat forward and slid her hands beneath Belle's blouse. 'You're wearing too many clothes' she stated heatedly.

'Why don't you do something about that, then?' belle breathed threading her fingers into her wife's silky black curls.

Crystal ripped the blouse from Belle's body. Her bra shortly followed. Crystal trailed burning red kisses down belle's neck and collarbone, earning a small moan to ecscape through her lips. She hooked her arms beneath Belle's thighs, pried her legs wide open and slid her onto her lap, so that she was straddling her waist. She massaged one of Belle's pale breasts taking her erect nipple in her mouth. Belle hissed as she ran her hands down to the sexy thong that was the only thing seperating her hand and Crystal wet womanhood. Crystal sealed their lips together as both woman thrust inside one another.




'Oh' Crystal groaned. She had a throbbing headache due to her late night drinking party-of-two with Belle. 'Bee, it's Christmas'

'Great christmas present, a hangover'

Crystal chuckled and turned on her other side so that she was facing her wife. She brushed a stray lock of hair from her emerald eyes and kissed her nose, while hugging her closer 'mmm my little honey-bee'

'Mmm I love waking up next to you, Kitten' Belle murmured.

'I love waking up to you too'

'I get dibs on coffee!' belle declared.

'Oh!' Crystal whined before tickling belle's stomach. The younger woman giggled. 'Fine you make the coffee I'll unleash Hell'

'Oh children are not Hell, Kitten'

'On Christmas they are'

'Yeah they are' Belle paated Crystal's thigh 'come on lets get up'

'Bumble-beeeeeeeeeee' crystal whine 'I'm comfy'

'Come on the coffee will clear your head'

Much persuasion later Crystal and the kids were all crowded into the living room tearing open their presents. From the kitchen Belle heard the cries of "wow mumma these are great!" and "I love christmas!!!" She smiled and walked into the living room carrying two cups of coffee. She trod over to the sofa dodging the children and their multiple presents. She sat on the sofa and handed a cup of coffee to her wife a smile glowing on her lips. As soon as Crystal sipped the coffee and relaxed as her hangover dwindled on the edge of exstinction. 'Feeling better?' belle asked stroking her wife's hair.

'Much' Crystal cuddled up into Belle's body as they began to unwrap their own gifts. Destiny and Noah exchanged a secretative grin. 'Hey bee what's that hovering over your head?' Belle looked up to see a sprig of wild mistletoe. She looked down at Crystal and smiled.

'I have an idea'

'Get down here I can't be bothered to reach up that high' Crystal moaned, squeezing Belle's arse out of view of their children. Belle leant down and slid her warm tongue into Crystal fiery mouth. Little did they know that the children had enchanted the sprig of mistletoe to make thier mothers' make-up even quicker!

The End

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