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Belle comes home from work one day and gets a terrible shock. Will she be able to forgive her unfaithful wife, Crystal? Read And Reveiw x


Chapter one: Jealous Jocelyn


Belle was agitated one late night as she checked her watch outside the front door to her house. She sighed bitterly. 10:25pm. On a Thursday evening. This was not good. The continuous late nights were getting totally out of hand. If she kept getting delayed like that the she would up and quit her worthless job within the week. The kids would be in bed and crystal would whine about how she’s always late and too tired these days for any form of sex.

‘I hate this life’ belle hissed darkly as she entered the dark hallway and dumped her belongings on the floor. She’d put them away in the morning; she was too tired to do it now. The house was dark. Except for one extract of light that filtered through from the master bedroom. Belle felt guilty. Crystal had waited up for her again! She sighed about to reach for the door handle when she heard something that bludgeoned her heart. Moans? A part of her mind wanted to believe it was just crystal masturbating. Belle felt her muscles tighten as she gathered her courage and walked into the bedroom. And then wished she hadn’t! There was crystal, hot, sweaty, and naked…getting laid by belle’s little sister! She cleared her throat loudly attracting both women’s attention, while she fought the hot angry tears that welled up behind her lashes. ‘What’s this then?’ Belle sneered glaring coldly down at her sister. She purposefully avoided looking at crystal’s guilt-stricken face.

The smaller of the two women, Belle’s little sister, slid off the bed and flicked her short brown hair over her shoulder completely ignoring the fact that she was starkers, hands planted firmly on her hips a sneer curling her lips ‘Oh come on belle, you’re not the only one who can get laid by an aristocrat’ Jocelyn sneered her glare rivalling belle’s own.

From her position on the bed Crystal blinked a few times as if waking up from a drowsy sleep. She seemed confused, not that belle or Jocelyn were paying any attention to her at that specific moment.

Belle stood right up to her sister, ignoring the fact that she was completely naked, looked down her nose and glared with ice cold eyes, so cold they could end global-warming! In a very low cold, warning voice belle clearly said ‘get out’

Jocelyn merely stood there for an extra moment, tormenting belle to her limit, before grabbing her clothes and sauntering out of the room as if all of this would blow over within a tiny amount of time. Mentally crystal cringed. She knew different. Sheepishly she quietly stood from the bed and used the sheets to wipe any form of Jocelyn from her body. Belle followed Jocelyn to the door and watched her sister leave with the coldest stare known to all wizard-kind. Crystal, by now, had stood, thrown an emerald kimono over her bare body and came up behind belle, feeling violated and vulnerable.

‘Belle I-’

Belle whipped round a pale finger pointing threateningly at crystal, her eyes looked like frozen green glass ‘all you need to do right now is to be very, very quiet’ her voice was a low harsh hiss that raised barely above a whisper and sent crystal’s blood running cold.


‘What did I just say?’ again the cold voice sent shivers through crystal’s body as belle stalked past her. She threw a pillow at crystal along with a blanket and shoved her into the living room. Crystal frowned even though she’d expected this once she’d remembered what had happened. She didn’t think belle would be so cold. Belle stood at the mouth of their bedroom, hands on her hips, much like Jocelyn a few minutes ago. Crystal shook her head. Belle was nothing like Jocelyn. They were completely different. Unlike Jocelyn who had sea-blue eyes Belle’s eyes were warm emerald green, her skin was fairer, her hair eight shades darker, and a slimmer body. Normally she was somewhat cheerful, but now as she stood across the room from crystal she looked tired, dishevelled and thoroughly heartbroken and angry! ‘I’ll be generous and let you sleep on the sofa tonight’


‘I told you to be quiet!’ belle snapped glaring up at crystal ‘and unless you want to spend the night on the street corner I suggest you shut that mouth of yours and keep all comments to yourself, got it?’

Crystal was about to respond but closed her mouth. She didn’t want belle to get twice as murderous as she already was. She reluctantly nodded and lay down on the sofa and sighed miserably, curling an arm beneath her head. This was bad. She felt tears sting her eyes. This would end soon. At least…she hoped so.

In the master bedroom belle sneered evilly at the bed, arms folded against her chest. Memories. The majority were good. The latest one…drowned the others. She shook her head, tears in her eyes before pointing her wand at the bed and muttered “Scourgify!” the bed burnt to a neat crisp on the carpet. Gone. Evidence destroyed. But the heartache lived on. She wanted answers. Like what she heard or not, she wanted to know. Not tonight, she decided, tomorrow morning. That night neither belle nor crystal slept well.

The End

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