Chapter Two - Page Eleven.

Walking onwards, the Zodiacs and their mistress enter over the threshold of the Mist Village Empire lands. The land is wet even though there has not been rain in many moons and the dark sky seems to taunt them, seeming to threaten them with downpour.

Rius raises a blue eyebrow, pondering how the sky can look like that when the Rain Goddess has been missing for even longer than Sol has been. Ever since she has been gone, the whole of Rune has been denied water from the heavens. Rius takes her eyes away from the sky, looking around at the Zodiacs new surroundings and summing up the sky’s appearance due to them being in the Mist Village Empire where the mortals who inhabit the area honour the Rain Goddess.

The grass beneath their feet is rich but not green like it was before when Sol was in his rightful place, nor is it yellow and dried like it is now across most of Rune. No, this grass is thick shards of white as though the colour decided to leave as soon as the Sun God did.

 As Nova comes to a standstill, Leonardo leans against a nearby tree, its bark is clear and the leaves are the same paleness as the grass. “Why are we here my Lady?” He asks, his orange eyes looking over his goddess, watching her as her bare feet form an infinite symbol across the white grass.

“We are looking for her. This is the first place she would go in human form. Let us hope that she still has her memories.” Nova looks at Leonardo before glancing up at the sky, gently closing her eyes for a few minutes before gradually opening them again.

“Yeah, unlike last time.” Ni giggles, remembering back to that time many moons ago as she twirls her braids. “We needed a large ark for all of those tears that she shed.” Gemi laughs, resting his hands behind his head as he winks a dark sea blue eye at his sister.

Nova’s eyes harden at the twins, causing their laughter to slowly die, their hands badly attempting to cover their smiles before turning their backs and pretending to be interested in something else. Cercan rolls his eyes at them and Rius clicks her tongue. Ricorn crosses his arms over his chest, his eyes are slits as he wonders how the twins can be so rude about one of the Gods.

Leonardo walks closer to Nova, his hand lightly touching her pale arm, stopping her pacing. “If the Rain Goddess is here, we will find her.” He tilts his head down to level with hers, giving her a reassuring smile.

“The twins were right.” Nova lightly touches Leonardo’s cheek in appreciation. “Last time cousin Raine was in her human form, she forgot everything and cried. She shall be near water.” The Zodiacs all nod together.

The heavy sound of horses galloping travels through the air, causing the fourteen warriors to jump into fighting stances. Sting’s hands grip onto a couple of her poisonous darts, ready to throw them at any chance as her eyes dart around the surroundings under her dark mask. A soft smile touches Nova’s face as the horses get closer, shaking the ground with their hooves. 

The End

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