Chapter Two - Page Ten.

The man with the cold black eyes passes his phoenix lighter to each finger on his right hand and watches as his fire monster spreads rapidly through its new arena.

A cold smile spreads across his face as the bright flames illuminate it as the darkness around the fire attempts to flee. He watches, with black eyes, as his fire eats away at another small settlement, leaving nothing but ash and destruction in its wake.

In the fire’s light, his skin seems to shimmer. Along his neck are thin scars in the shape of chains. He raises his hands in the air, his wrists displaying those same scars in the shape of chains. The fire roars, expanding, clawing at the dark sky as thick smoke begins to fill it.

The Sun Gods’ black eyes shine with delight as he moves the fire onwards, travelling further through the Argil Village Empire’s largest limber stocks, and licking up the screams of the mortals who live in the small town. The flames storm across the large trees, causing much more smoke to fill the sky, masking the previously clear image of the townspeople’s vain attempt to flee from the fire’s wrath.

Sol’s eyes dart around the crumbling town as the fire spreads, causing the last of the screams to helplessly cry out, before the flames begin to die. The Sun God frowns, gritting his teeth harshly together, balling his fists together until his knuckles turn white and causing the dying fire to roar ferociously back to life. His body shakes as he turns away from the fiery remains of the town. Crying out in a rage, Sol punches a nearby tree, causing a dent to appear as flames simmer and sizzle around where his fist was.

As the Sun God walks away from yet another destructive scene, he flicks his lighter on and off, the flame raging and roaring. Sol storms away, frustrated that yet again he couldn’t find her.

The End

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