Chapter Two - Page Eight.

Back by the Lockwood Celestial Fountain, Nova and most of her warriors gather under the moonless sky.

“Isn’t there anything we can do for the King?” Ophi asks her mistress with wide, tearful eyes.

“Young one, his soul is too tormented. There is nothing that I can do for him. Only time will tell what is to become of Villiat Lockwood, the King of the Lunar Village Empire.”  Nova replies looking down at her smallest warrior.

Leonardo smiles brightly, leaning his arm around Seira’s shoulders, ruffling her hair. “Stop worrying Ophi, we should just go already. Gods, I can’t wait to get out of here.”

A laugh travels through the courtyard. “Oh Kitty Kat, I thought you were really starting to hit it off with Prince Green Eyes.” Rius sneers, once again flicking her blue hair as she walks towards the group with Sting, Cercan and Isorropia walking slightly behind her. Leonardo rolls his eyes before turning his back on her.

“Leave him alone Rius, none of us will be able to put up with both of you squabbling for the whole journey.” Isorropia receives a groan from the blue haired woman. “Lady Nova, I have the supplies you asked for in my pack.” The unbalanced armoured warrior flashes a half smile as Nova nods her head in appreciation. Cercan leans against Ricorn, laughing and flicking his spiked beard as Ricorn rolls his eyes, looking away.   

Rexrus scans the packs, counting them before nodding. Leonardo and Rius glare at each other from across the group as Ophi excitedly talks about going on another adventure.

Nova gazes up at the sky, closing her eyes as the wind lightly spins around her, causing her hair to flick in different directions. Nova tilts her head to the side before her gaze hardens and her lips press into a tight thin line.          

“Let us take our leave.” Nova starts walking away with her warriors quick to follow suit after snatching up a pack or two.

The wind still circles the Moon Goddess as she walks, causing the cold look in her eyes to harden and shine.

The End

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