Chapter Two - Page Seven.

The King’s breath is ragged as the colour begins to fade from his face and his eyes begin to lose their angry fire.  His lips move, muttering something completely incoherent as he becomes distant from those around him, causing the warriors to glance at Nova with curious looks. The King turns his head to the side, his pale skin darkening as life seems to escape him, and his lips slightly move again.  

The Prince slowly walks closer to the thrones, his head bowed. “Father, no one can hear you.” Prince Ren says, his eyes looking at the King from the corner of his eye, as if afraid to see exactly what his father has become. “Do not interrupt your King!” Villiat shrieks, his anger washing over him as he swings his thick walking stick at his son. The Prince falls to the floor, his blood dripping onto the marble floor.

Ophi and the Captain rush over to the prince. The young girl puts her hands on his blooded forehead, closing her eyes and muttering, before wiping the redness away with the hem of her dress. Captain Lucian Ash stares at the girl to where the gash on the princes’ forehead once was, surprised at its sudden disappearance at the young child’s touch. The Prince thanks the young warrior as the Captain helps him back onto his feet. Nova tilts her head to the side as she looks between the King and his son.

The Seer slowly picks up the cane, handing it back to the king who, as fast as a blink of an eye, relaxes back into his throne. As the Kings lips begin to move once again, the Seer leans down to hear him better. “The King wanted your Lady to know that the darkness is here.” The Seer shakes her bald head as the King continues to mumble, his eyes beginning to close.

“Razor…” King Villiat gasps before shivering and closing his eyes again. Nova tilts her head to the side as she notices how the Lunar people react to the Kings muffled words. Both the Seer and Lucian share worried glances whilst Prince Ren seems to pale, his expression becoming stiff.

“The King has to rest. It’s been a long day for him.” Helping him onto his feet, the Seer walks the King out of the Throne Room without so much as a glance back.

The End

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