Chapter Two - Page Six.

A fresh dress awaits Nova when she returns to her bedchamber after exploring the castle with her warriors. The midnight blue lace is spread out across her four poster bed. Gratefully, Nova changes, letting the silky material cascade across her pale skin. With a blue ribbon, Nova ties her hair in an elegant bun before venturing down the castle’s marble steps. Stopping halfway down a staircase, Nova’s onyx eyes scan across her warriors, tilting her head to the side. The scene in front of Nova reminds her of the many times previously when they have had to visit the mortal land for one reason or another.

The warriors all wear freshly washed clothes for their meeting with the Lunar King. They bow their heads respectfully to their goddess whom they are destined to protect, for as long as they exist. “My Goddess, you look dashingly beautiful.” Leonardo smiles, holding out his arm for Nova to take. “Thank you Leonardo, you all look very respectable.” Nova says, taking the leader of her warrior’s arm and walking through the mahogany doors into the throne room.  

All eyes turn to them as they walk through the room. The large flamed touches flicker, illuminating all of the noble faces around them, pale from the lack of sunlight. The nobles of the court stare at the strange visitors as they move silently towards the thrones.

Ren stands there with a solemn look across his features and his arms firmly crossed over his broad chest. Captain Lucian Ash stands next to him, his eyes scanning around the room, his face uncharacteristically serious as he feels the tension in the air. Everyone is waiting for the King, unsure how to act as he has not been seen in public for many moons.

The sound of the Seers’ heels scrapping against the stone floor along with a muffled shuffling of footsteps echoes around the silent hall. Everyone seems to be holding their breath as a side door opens. Out walks a once large man, heavily hunched over a thick walking stick. Its head holds a large orb, like a full moon, with wolves howling within the centre, covered in onyx. Around the Throne Room, everyone lowers their heads in respect as their eyes sneak looks at each other and their frail King.

King Villiat Lockwood once was one of the most respected and powerful men in the world, standing at near 7ft tall and a torso as wide as that of an oaks, there was not much that the King could not overcome with relative ease. The only thing more famous than his power was his kindness and love towards his people and his family. Stories of his battles have become legend as well as the rumours of his festivals.

The large man is pale and breathing heavily with his eyes distant and misty. His face is heavily carved in laughter lines, alas, any sign of laughter has long left this once proud and noble man. Walking a few steps behind the man is the Seer, eyes darting over the man as if afraid that at any moment he will collapse and fade away into stardust.

Collapsing heavily into the grand right throne, the old King catches his breath as he bangs the walking stick harshly against the marble floor, causing all eyes to be directed straight at him. The Seer stands to the Kings side, passing a goblet of strange black liquid to him to which he heavily drains.

The muscles in the Prince’s jaw tightens as he stands near impossibly straight, his green eyes locked onto a patch of constellations directly in front of him, refusing to full look upon his father.  

Ricorn steps forward with a diplomatic smile on his face. “On behalf of our Lady Nova, she and her people express or appreciation for the hospitality in which the Lunar Village Empire has shown us. Ricorn bows respectfully after scratching his goatee and, after his words, Nova bows her head slightly towards the aged king.

King Villiat looks upon her with dull, cloudy eyes, as if what is happening right in front of him holds no need for his attention. “My Lady, the Lunar Village Empire accepts your thanks.” The Kings’ voice is empty, directing his words directly at Nova, ignoring the warrior whom first addressed him. “Now, what is it that you wish of the Lunar Village Empire?” The distant king asks.

“Just the well-known kindness of your hospitality, your Highness. We shall take our leave and move on soon, for we have a mission to accomplish.” Ricorn says as Nova looks at the Kings dull eyes.

“I want to be alone with our guests and my son.” The King mutters so lowly that it was nearly incoherent. The nobles look around at each other with glum faces, not happy about being sent away after only a glimpse at their once beloved king. “Leave. Now!” The King screams, his face distorting in anger as he slams his walking stick against the ground with a fierce thud, the wood cracking with the force of it.

The nobles give hurried their bows as they rushed out of the Throne Room, shocked at their kings’ sudden rage. Villiat Lockwood shook rapidly on his throne, his dull eyes now sharp and alive with anger as his pale face changes colour. A thick vein throbs across his thick forehead, bringing a fierce aura to the previous decaying one. The Seer rushes forward, a thin handkerchief in her manly hand. King Villiat snatches it from the old Seer, wiping his nose as a thick line of dark red runs from it.

The End

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