Chapter Two - Page Five.

Ophi screams as Rexrus picks up before swinging her around and dunking her into the water head first. Ricorn and Tarius kick water at each other as Sting treads water around the fountain in a futile attempt to escape the onslaughts of Ni and Gemi. Nova watches as Isorropia balances on one leg, spinning around in circle laughing.

Leonardo laughs, his eyes scanning for his goddess. Rius throws water at Cercan as Seira runs after Sces with a manic laugh. From on top of the stone wolf, Nova sits gracefully, watching her warriors and winking at Vi who hides behind the wolfs back legs. Nova’s eyes turn to Ophi and Rexrus, her eyes saddening before turning towards the sound of footsteps as her warriors scream and laugh.

One by one, the warriors calm, closing their eyes and turning their heads up to the sky. Leonardo walks over to the stone wolf, holding out his hand for Nova to take, admiration in his eyes. Smiling softly, Nova takes his hand and he lowers her down.

Taking Leonardo’s arm, they both exit the fountain, their clothes are covered in the fountains’ waters. As Nova’s bare feet touch the soft grass, her warriors follow her, looking up at the dark sky with longing and sad smiles. “Thank you son of Villiat. The water reminds us of a friend that we are here to save.” Nova removes her hand from Leonardo’s arm as the rest of her warriors exit the Celestial Lockwood fountain and she smiles sadly. “The wolf reminds us of our home we left behind. We will soon be there again when our quest is over.”

“And where is this home you speak of, Lady Nova?” Lucian smiles, watching her and her warriors. The Captain winks at Vi, causing her to turn bright red. “Somewhere far from here Lucian Ash.” Nova mutters, glancing up to the empty sky before walking away with her warriors, leaving the Captain and the Prince to watch them with slightly confused expressions.

“Well that was specific.” Lucian laughs before walking out to the Royal City. The Prince glances at the sky, looking at the faint glow of the stars left in the sky, as he wonders where somewhere far from here could be.

The End

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