Chapter Two - Page Four.

Standing in the garden again, a cool breeze runs around Nova and her warriors. Nova steps into the cool waters within the Celestial Lockwood fountain, closing her onyx eyes as she stands in the centre, making her sigh with relief after her slumber. Nova rests her hand on the stone wolf’s back as her warriors kneel around the outside of the fountain, softly touching the water whilst closing their eyes. Breathing in deeply, Nova spins around and around, making the pool of water gush around her pale legs. The warriors watch Nova as she spins whilst smiling gleefully, smiles touching all of their faces. Opening her eyes, Nova’s black pools sparkle as if they held the stars themselves within them. All of the warriors stand, stepping into the large fountain too and being unusually quiet.

With a smile, Nova kicks a splash of water at Rius. The twins cry out, giggling as they splash each other whilst jumping, causing water to sprinkle over the other warriors.

Standing inside the castle walls, the staff look out the windows at the happy shrieks from the people outside. At the sight of the Prince appearing, causes them to bow their heads in respect before hurrying back to their duties. “They really are an odd bunch.” The Prince laughs, smirking at the Captain standing next to him. “Says the man who likes to sneak up on people without them realising.” Ren says, the flames of the torches playing with the shadows on his face. The Captain shrugs, a smile stretching his face as he watches the group playing in the fountain below. “Come on Lucian.”

The End

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