Chapter Two - Page Three.

As soon as the Prince stumbles into his bedchamber, he drops down into his four poster bed before falling into a deep slumber. His last thought for the night are about the curious Lady Nova and that the future has a lot in store for all judging by Nova’s uncharacteristic reactions earlier.

The Prince’s lips tingle as he falls asleep. His mind is full of the dreams of his forgotten wishes and of the family which there once was.

Nova sits on the stone windowsill, looking up at the near empty sky. A small smile touches the corner of her lips as she knows that with the one small kiss she gave the Prince, she has eased some of the tension within his subconscious, curing him of his sleep-deprived state. Leonardo stands stiffly in the doorway, looking at his beloved goddess. “Why do you watch me so silently Leonardo? I know that you are there, just like I knew that you were earlier. I knew as soon as I awoke in the Celestial Lockwood fountain.” Walking forward, Leonardo closes the distance between them, slightly annoyed at himself for being detected so easily, even if it was by the moon goddess Nova herself. “Nova, my dear lady, I don’t understand.”

Still with her body on the window ledge and her head facing outwards, Nova doesn’t seem to be fazed. “What is it that you do not understand my lion?” The muscles in his jaw tightens as he remembers Nova lightly brushing her lips against that of a mortals. “I don’t understand what we are doing here. We don’t need these people to find Sol. We don’t need the Lockwood Prince either.”

Turning towards her lion warrior, Nova stands, walking over to him. “Leonardo, Sol is still my kin, and so he still deserves respect, no matter what he has done.” Leonardo averts his gaze, ashamed of disappointing Nova. “Now, it is true that we don’t necessarily need these people, nor their Prince, but they need us.” Nova’s hand reaches up to Leonardo’s face, lightly touching his fiery mane of hair before cupping his cheek. “As guardians of the night, it is our duty to watch out for all of those who walk underneath us, and guide them with our light. These people are our people Leonardo. They already believe that we have abandoned them by leaving our place in the heavens above, so the least we can do right now is to help ease their worries and their pain.” Leonardo stares into her wide eyes. “Is that why you kissed him?”

Removing her pale hand from his face, Nova nods. “Yes. I felt the pain he held and even though I cannot fully remove it for him, I did the best I could in this form.” Nova gestures down at herself. “I guided his subconscious to draw upon his weariness so, at the very least, he can receive some rest for now.” Walking over to the window, Nova rests her arm on top of Leonardo’s as both of their gazes are glued onto the vast black sky above.

The End

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