Chapter One - Page Thirteen.

“If you know who I am, why did you not inform the Prince? Seer or not, he is your prince.” Nova looks up at the clear ceiling as she asks.

“I may tell the future to those who ask, but that doesn’t mean that I tell them, or the Royals, everything.” The Seer looks at the Goddess with calculating eyes as she watches her. “He would ask the one question which is not my place to tell, and you know it.” Nova nods, looking back at the Seer.

“Yes, he would ask why, but he would not like the answer.” Nova’s soft voice travels along the throne room as her feet move her around the white marble, her bare feet touching its cool surface. The Seer nods and smiles, sitting on the floor, making the dress’s skirt pool around her. “The Prince will know when Iris, the Goddess of Wind and Whispers, feels that the time is right. Now down to business.” The Seer clicks her old knuckles. “You have questions for me.” Nova smiles as she sits in front of the Seer, holding out her pale palms for the Seer to take. “I have not received a reading in this form in many millennium,” The Seer chuckles before moving her hands above Nova’s. The smile is removed, quickly replaced with a deadly serious expression. “Goddess, I cannot see it all, and so I cannot answer everything. The future is becoming blackened.” The Seer looks into Nova’s eyes. “Whenever I try to find him, something blocks my sight.” Irritation is laced within the Seer’s words, as though her previous attempts are flashing before her eyes.

Gently, the Seer, lowers her thin hands onto Nova’s. The blood drains from the Seer’s face, her eyes turning white as visions begin to appear. Closing her eyes, Nova feels her spirit being emerged in the fuzzy glimpses of the future…

Swords clash as agonized cries call out. Red! Blood runs into the rivers as bodies fall… Sharp teethe bite whilst claws scratch… Horns collide… Fire spits at the people in black, eating away at them greedily… There’s a face, the face Nova knows well. It belongs to the man with the phoenix lighter. His eyes are red with rage as he is covered in blood and flames… Screams shake her body, taking her away from the arsonist… There’s a body at her feet. She can’t make out who it is, but Nova can feel that deep inside, it is someone whom she holds dear… In the corner of her vision, a man dances with black magic, calling demons to rise from hell… A snake slivers past her feet… Horns collide… Sharp teeth bite whilst claws scratch… A woman in a blue dress is in the corner of a dark dungeon, tears running down her face… Nova sees the face of the body, laying lifeless. An agonized scream escapes her mouth as a bright wave of white light fills her vision.

The Seer’s breath is harsh and rough as the hands holding Nova’s are quickly taken away. The vision was hazed and having a hard effect on the Seer. Slowly, Nova opens her eyes. The vision was fragmented, with no chronological order, but Nova knows what it meant. Swallowing deeply, Nova watches the Seer.

The Seer shakes, sweating and shivering slightly. Slowly standing, the Seer looks down at the goddess. Nova’s expression is blank as she see just how much it has taken out of the Seer. “Black magic blocks my sight… It’s too strong… Goddess, I apologise that I cannot show you more-”

Nova stands, her face void of emotion, as she cuts the Seer off. “Seer, you have shown me more than enough. Rest now.” Turning her back on the old Seer, Nova opens the large mahogany doors of the throne room, her bare feet taking her back to the garden with the fountain. Her mind wanders back to the visions, showing glimpses of a war yet to come. The battle will kill many, even one person very dear to herself, as the Moon and Sun collide.

Climbing over the wall, cool water greets her bare feet as Nova walks to the centre of the fountain. Sitting down, the goddess’s back rests against the stone wolf as the fountains clear water soaks into her skin as she glances up at the dark sky. A single tear falls from her face, shinning like a falling star, as she remembers back to the fallen face of one of her warriors from the Seers vision. Her hands ball tightly into fists as she shakes with anger. “I will defeat you Brother, even if I have to kill you with my own hands.”

The End

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