Chapter One - Page Twelve.

Leading into the throne room, the group are greeted with large windows surrounding them, designed to let as much light in as possible.

White marble stretches across the floor as black marble surrounds it, reaching for the high glass ceiling. “When lady moon shines, the whole hall sparkles with her radiance.” Lucian’s eyes lock with Vi’s, causing her to blush heavily and shy away; “But not as nearly as beautiful as you, my dear.” With a low bow, the Captain winks at Vi. A cheeky smile spreads across his face as he wiggles his thick eyebrows suggestively. Seira laughs, throwing her arms around the bashful Vi. “He liiiikes you.” She giggles before pushing Vi closer to Captain Lucian Ash and bouncing off to look at the silver and gold constellations carved deeply into the marble across the walls. Standing before a certain constellation, a thoughtful look crosses Vi’s features.

From the corner of her eye, Nova watches Ren’s jaw tighten and eyes narrow. Nova tilts her head, her long white hair flows down her side as she looks at the end of the throne room where two grand thrones sit. They are made from a rich silver, the arms are shaped like wolf heads, and the back of the grand chairs stretch out like large shooting stars. Nova can see that the two thrones, like the marble walls, share constellations engraved finely within the silver.

Tilting her head to the other side, seeing the sorrow within the Prince’s eyes as they linger onto the thrones for another moment before staring out one of the large windows. Nova watches him with interest.

Whispering something to Ophi, Ricorn leans down to her height, letting the young warrior lightly touching the deep scar running along his nose whilst she giggles. Rexrus stands nearby, one of his knuckle dusting wearing hand touches one of the star constellations, a stern look on his face.

Standing in a nearby corner, hidden in the shadows, Sting scans the hall for threats. Leonardo catches her eye, his hand firmly on the hilt of his broad sword. Rius glares at the star constellations from the centre of the hall, her hands on her hips as she pouts her lips, seeming to be uneasy from the mere fact that she is in the room. Sighing slightly, Nova casts her eyes up at the glass roof as she wishes that they were not so tense, so that they can fully appreciate the city dedicated to the heavens above.

The sound of heavy heels clicking against stone can be heard before an old crooked figure appears through the side mahogany doors of the throne room. Tody around Ophi’s middle tightens as the snake and the figure share a glance. The figures masculine face is wrinkled, hidden among the wire-like hair sprouting from the top of her head and her bony chin.

Turning this way and that, the green dress around the bony figure sways, showing a glimpse of sequinned black heels. “I should have known that you would know to introduce yourself to our guests, Seer.” Lucian bows his head slightly to her. “As for the dress, I prefer the blue one.” The Captain laughs as the Seer smiles, nodding back to him before turning towards the Prince as Nova and her team wait patiently to be formally introduced. The twins ignore everything as they run around the hall, naming the star constellations as they swing their war hammers.

“I have alerted the kitchen about their arrival and have informed the King, but you know how he is these days.” The Prince’s jaw tightens at the mention of his father, but nods his head stiffly as the Seer watches him. “The Lunar Village King shall see you tomorrow.” Ren shares a shocked expression with Lucian Ash. Seira giggles at how rough and deep the Seer’s voice is in contrast to the feminine outfit. Smiling at her, the Seer shrugs. Walking towards the Prince with a crooked smile, the Seer looks at each of the warriors in turn before landing on Nova. “Seer, this is the Lady Nova from-”

“Foolish boy. Prince or no Prince, you really are foolish. It doesn’t matter where she is from, only why she is here and where she is going.” The Seer dismisses Ren with a flick of a crooked hand, causing a small smile to touch his lips as he remembers all of the times where the Seer has done that. The Seer locks eyes with Nova, her expression becoming serious. “I have seen the end of all days, when even the Gods will fall.” Thick tension surrounds the hall. The warriors grit their teeth whilst the twins loudly declare that they would put a stop to anyone who wishes harm to the Gods before arguing over whom would be able to help the most. “You all can leave. Lady Nova is in need of my services and I will not let anyone eavesdrop on the secrets of the future. Off you go now.”

Ignoring their protests, the Prince begins to lead them out of the throne room. Leonardo looks towards Nova, his hand on the hilt of his broad sword with a worried glint in his eye, not moving. Nova smiles reassuringly, encouraging him. With a respectful nod, Leonardo’s jaw tightens before he leaves with a low bow to Nova. “If you need me, my Lady, just call.” After the heavy doors loudly close, the Seer smiles at Nova.

For a long time the two stand in silence, watching each other. A small breeze whispers around Nova, flicking her hair playfully, and making a small smile touch her lips. Nova looks towards her left, nodding as if someone was there. “Thank you Iris.” Turning back to the Seer, she nods, both of them knowing that they will not be overheard now.

“You are a long way from home, Goddess.”

The End

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