Chapter One - Page Eleven.

“Your highness. Hey, Ren!” Suddenly, a half-eaten roll gets thrown at the Prince’s head. Shaking himself, Ren looks towards the one who threw the roll. A man stands before the Prince, in dark Kevlar and an orange bandana, with his arms full of rolls. “Finally! You were staring into the distance and ignoring me. I’ve thrown three rolls at you already.” The man laughs, biting into another roll.

The Prince raises an eyebrow. “Some people actually respect me, and call me by my title you know.” The other man laughs, taking a swig from his tankard. A smile tugs at the Prince’s lips. “So, what was it that you were saying Captain?” The Captain smirks before his face turns more serious.

“The King has now refused to hold audience with even me.” The Prince nods slightly, drinking from his goblet. “Not even the quarries and intelligence from the Knight-Shadows seem to rise any interest and life out of him.” Ren’s hands ball at the Captains words. “Oh well, it will all blow over once the Gods sort themselves out.” The Prince shrugs, looking thoughtful. “What you say might be true, but it does not ease the bad feeling I get knowing that the Moon Goddess is no longer overlooking us from the heavens. I wonder what is happening to the Gods recently, and where they have gone. We need them. We need her.” Ren points to the sky where the moon should be shinning. The Lunar Village Empire look to the heavens for guidance and draw their strength from the moons glow. Without their goddess being in her rightful place, they are lost. The Captain releases a gust of air, adjusting his orange bandana in his hair. The Prince smiles slightly. “What is it Lucian?”

“Sire, there was also something else I wish to announce.” The Prince’s jaw tightens as his eyes harden.

“We should join the festivities and drink!” The Captain laughs heartily, pulling the Prince to his feet and slapping him hard on the back. Letting go of his anger, Ren laughs, agreeing with Captain Lucian Ash.

Their feet hits against stone as their laughter echoes around them. Captain Lucian laughs, joking about this and that, as the two enter into the garden. Both stop in their tracks at the sight which awaits them.

Nova and her warriors watch them in silence. As Nova steps down from the fountain wall, Captain Lucian Ash draws his sword, pushing the Prince behind him as the warriors arm themselves too. “Who are you and why are you here?!” The Captain asks in a booming voice, his face stern.

“Wait Lucian, I know them.” Ren walks forward, his eyes locked on Nova in disbelief. The Captain moves in front of Ren. “Stand back my Prince.” “That’s right, I am your Prince. And as Prince of the Lunar Village Empire, you will do as I say and stand down Captain.” Nova watches as the Captains’ jaw tightens. After sharing a look with Ren, he slowly lowers his sword. “Leonardo, everyone; put away your weapons. We are not here for bloodshed today.” Nova says, tilting her head to the side.

“I am Nova and these are my warriors. We are here to see the Seer.” The Prince gives Captain Lucian Ash a reassuring smile. “Don’t worry. I met them during my last travels. They are friendly.” Ren says, his eyes looking over the strange warriors, stopping when he gets to Leonardo. “Well, most of them are.” Leonardo rolls his eyes as Rius smirks at him. “Lady Nova, how were you able to get past the castle guards?” Ren asks.

Ni and Gemi laugh, leaning on their war hammers as they relax. “They were so easy to sneak past!” Gemi says, a hand on his bald head. “Yeah, we’ve had a harder time sneaking past statues!” Ni laughs loudly. Captain Lucian Ash rolls his eyes, muttering about the ineffectiveness of the castle guards.

“Come Lady Nova, I shall take you to the Seer.” The Prince holds out his arm which Nova places a light hand on it as Leonardo makes a clicking noise with his tongue. “Maybe on the way, you can tell me how you were able to disappear right in front of me earlier.”

The End

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