Chapter One - Page Ten.

Walking into a large courtyard, the warriors’ eyes scan the new, quieter, environment. In the middle of the floor, surrounded by a mosaic of jewels in exotic colours, is the Lockwood royal crest carved into the stone, its features of a wolfs head howling at a full moon, sparkles as the light catches it. Large marble walls encloses the courtyard with dark vines trailing across it, blooming soft white petals. In each of the four corners stand ancient moon dials, their stands covered in the same vines.

Sting puts a finger to her lips, silently announcing the presence of yet even more patrolling the area of the castle whilst the festivities outside its borders continue and strive. Moving silently, pressed tightly against the wall, the group moves with the shadows as they sneak past the guards once again.

Swiftly moving through a large archway, they are taken to a garden, full of different types of exotic plants. Nova’s fingertips caress the lunar petals gently, causing the plant to grow slightly at her magical touch. Looking across the garden, Nova’s feet take her towards a large fountain. Climbing up, she stands upon the small wall surrounding it, not caring if she is seen.

Within the centre is a magnificent wolf, his grand head thrown back as if he were howling up at the dark sky. Clear, crystal water cascades around the stone wolf, covering it. Nova reaches out, as if to touch the water, but she draws herself back, turning to face her loyal warriors. “We have found the Celestial Lockwood fountain my friends.”

From high within the castles stone, a skinny figure stares out of a grand window with a smile. The figure turns away from the window, the dress swishes against the floor. A large man is slouched into a chair, he is pale, seeming to waste away as he stares off into the distance.

The figure from the window kneels at his feet, touching one of his arms. “They have arrived, my King. It will be only a matter of time before she finds me. The figure stands, brushing dirt off the green dress. “If only she knew the blood that will stain her hands.”

The End

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