Chapter One - Page Nine.

As they get closer to the castle, they pass many villages and towns silently. More and more knights patrolling the area pass without noticing the warriors. The villages they passed seem to be empty, only the remanence of campfires long gone is the only recent resemblance of human inhabitants. Not even faces were seen pressed against the glass windows of the houses. Upon getting closer to the castles outer walls, the sound of music and the smell of various roasting meats and meads scratch at their noses. Leonardo and Rius share a glance, both thinking along the same lines during their silent conversation between themselves.

“See Tody, I told you that Ren Lockwood was a real prince! Just look at his castle!” Ophi squeals. Nova watches as she skips excitedly towards the caped Sces, talking enthusiastically about the fairy tales that she has heard over the years. “Our fairy tale is just about to begin Sces! You’ll see, and so will Pi when he decides to come out and play. Everything will turn out alright and then we can all go home together!” The young warrior giggles as the group enter through the outer walls and into the Royal City of the Lunar Village Empire. “Tody, stop biting your tail, you will hurt yourself!”

Walking through the city, hundreds of bodies surround them chatting away loudly with happy smiles plastered on their faces. The warriors look around with wide eyes, looking over the wooden stalls clustered around the city with various different items being sold on it.

This part of the Royal City is known for its festivals and loud behaviour, although they have been becoming few and far apart since the Kings’ son died. People gather here to share their stories of far-away places from many moons ago, as well as selling their supplies and trinkets during the day.

The festivals at the Royal City are notoriously known for being intense, with the Lunar people celebrating life by dancing to the Moon Goddess, thanking her for the strength and safety in which she grants. But ever since the moon has left from the sky, it seems as though the festivals haven’t contained the Lunar peoples whole heart.

Ophi giggles as the twins buy more and more sweets from various stools. “Praise be to our Prince for returning to us safely.” Screams a few intoxicated members of the crowd as various different fireworks soar into the sky, raining their colours down on the adoring crowd. “And praise be to the Moon Goddess, may she also return to us soon!”

Leonardo walks over to Nova whom is trying to look around at everything at once, her eyes wide with joy at the Lunar people celebrating. “We shouldn’t stay here too long. What is it that you need from here?” Nova slowly removes her eyes from the multi-coloured fireworks. “Two things. First, I must find someone with the gift of sight, they know that we are coming. Then we need to find the Celestial Lockwood fountain to pay our respects before moving on.”

“To the tavern it is!” Cercan cheers, gleefully slapping Leonardo on the back. “And why would we do that?” Rius asks as she pushes confetti strings out of the way of her face. “We need to find someone with the ‘gift of sight’. Where is there a better place to find information than a tavern?” Cercan laughs, directing the group into the closest tavern. Thick smoke races to greet the group as they enter through the large wooden doors. The whole room is packed with noisy drunk people. Cercan slings his arm around Sting, pulling her off towards the bar before she has a chance to hide away in a dark corner. “Let’s get drunk!” Cercan cheers. “I mean, let us look for information.” Ricorn gives a disapproving look, but Cercan winks, making Isorropia laugh.

Nova walks towards a table with a couple sitting next to each other before an old woman smoking a heavy pipe turns over pictured cards. The last card seems to please them, making the woman hold her stomach whilst the man places some coins on the table before leaving. “I need to see the one with sight.” The elderly woman smiles, puffing out more smoke. “We all have sight, my child, in one way or another.” The woman chuckles, her eyes looking over Nova and her warriors with misty eyes. Leonardo raises an eyebrow as Nova picks up the stray cards, putting them together with the rest of the pack. As she passes them to the woman, she raises her eyebrows when their hands touch. A gleam sparks in her eyes as she smokes more of her pipe. “The one you seek isn’t me. The Seer will be in the castle, attending to the King.” With a nod, the group turns to leave, Ricorn dragging Cercan and Sting away from the crowded bar. The old woman holds onto Nova’s sleeve, pulling her close to whisper in a low tone. “I’m not sure who you are but you’re important, and it is important that you get back to wherever you need to be. There’s a lot of people who look up to you. They need you.” Nova nods again before turning away and walking out of the tavern.

The End

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