Chapter One - Page Seven.

Even though the darkness, neither Nova nor her unusual warriors seem to have any difficulty navigating around many of the hidden roots and rocks that wish to trip unsuspecting victims.

“Tody, stop it!” Ophi mutters, once again trying to pull the snake away from eating its own tail but her efforts seem to be in vain. As soon as the young girls tiny fingers separates him, Tody puts his tail in his mouth again.

“Ophi, you know that he is going to keep eating his tail no matter what you do.” Ricorn says smiling. “Yes, must you upkeep this endless cycle?” Tarius looks down at the small warrior, but her attention is firmly on her disobedient snake, ignoring his words as his red eyes swiftly search their surroundings.

“Don’t trouble her Tarius, she will not listen. Their cycle is a part of them, like your arrows are a part of you, thus we cannot comment. Focus on the mission at hand and leave Ophi and Tody be.” Rexrus defends as he ruffles the child’s hair, causing her to giggle softly.

The group continues to walk through the dry forest, eyes looking around for any sudden danger. “Lady Nova, why did we leave the Prince?” Sces asks, her spiked teeth glowing in the darkness.

Nova continues to walk, her head looking up to the sky as her hands run against each tree bark she passes. “We will see him soon enough.” Nova smiles as her warriors followed behind her.

“I don’t see why we were near him at all.” Leonardo mutters, causing Rius to click her tongue in annoyance. “After all, he nearly died so easily. Sounds like a waste of time to be honest.”

Taking her gaze away from the empty sky, Nova raises an eyebrow at the leader of her warriors. “Leonardo, you know full well why you all should have stayed at your post and the importance of doing so, yet you left. Question me not of my motives and I will question you not of yours.” Leonardo glares away, ashamed of his actions.

“Told you.” Rius smirks, looking smugly at Leonardo.             

Walking over to the leader of her warriors, Nova puts her hand to his cheek, gently tilting his head to face her. “What is done, is done. I shall not hang it against you anymore.” Leonardo smiles, appreciation shining through his eyes. “Helping his people is what we do.” Nova removes her hand, looking back at the sky. “After all, this affects us all.”

The End

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