Chapter One - Page Six.

Nova rests the Prince’s head on her lap, not seeming to mind that her darkness is becoming thickly covered in ash and blood, her eyes gazing over the injured man. Ophi, once Sting extracts the poison, you can seal the wound.” With a swift nod, Ophi places her hands on either side of the wound, not caring about the blood staining her delicate hands. Sting pulls out a clear liquid from one of her many pockets, pouring it over the gaping wound whilst drawing some bloody puss full of poison into an empty syringe. Nova tightly holds onto the Prince’s shoulders as his body shivers and spasms due to the stinging agony and blue foam being formed from the strange liquid.

After placing a few more coloured liquids into Ren’s wound, Sting rubs a blue cream over the cut, killing the rest of the poison, before standing over the Prince. Her eyes look at the syringe, shaking her head before turning towards the nearest fallen Clawry. She collects the poison from the claws and spikes on its tail as well as the venom from its teeth Ophi places her hand onto Ren’s wound, closing her eyes in concentration as she mutters words under her breath, a few tears run down her face.

Slowly, the Prince’s pain subsides and his fever vanishes, bringing colour back to his face. Drenched in his cold sweat, Ren’s hands run along the smooth skin of his side, surprised that the wound has vanished. Only the blood on his body indicates traces that a severe gash was ever there. Not even the most experienced physicians within the whole of the Lunar Village Empire can completely heal a cut in a matter of minutes as though it was never there. Opening his eyes, Ren can feel himself falling into the black pools of Nova’s eyes as she leans towards the Prince, her long silver hair caresses his cheeks gently.

“Ophi, don’t cry. Ren is okay now.” Ni puts her arm around the tearful girl. “Yeah, if it was really bad then there would be blood everywhere and he would be convulsing until he is ripped in two.” Gemi laughs heartily, his mismatch eyes sparkling wickedly with his sister. “Idiots.” Rius mutters, cleaning her throwing daggers as she collects them from inside of her beastly victims. “Leave the young Ophi alone. Like always, you healed him perfectly.” Rexrus wipes away the girls tears before glaring at the twins who continue to snigger.

The lean figure of Leonardo glares down at the Prince, his orange eyes harsh as his lips are pressed into a thin line to suppress a growl that threatens to build in his throat. Thunder Star lowers his head to Ren’s side. “I don’t see what the trouble was all about, it was just a scratch.”

“Yeah, with deadly Clawry poison.” Seira giggles, throwing her arm around the miserable looking Leonardo. Ren scowls back at Leonardo, shocked at his lack of manners towards a prince. He strokes Thunder Star’s neck, as the horse gently nuzzles against him.

“Lady Nova, it is time to depart. Staying here any longer shall attract even more unwanted attention from the creatures lurking within the shadows. The stench of blood shall lure them near.” Ricorn says, holding out one of his large hands for Nova to take.

Looking around at the surroundings, Nova slightly puzzled before realisation sinks in. with a firm nod, her delicate hands lightly push Ren to his feet next to his horse, before taking Ricorn’s hand with a soft smile. Walking over to Ophi, Nova gently strokes Todys’ coils, creating a soft hiss and Ophi to smile softly.

“Goodbye sweet prince, we shall meet again soon.” Ren turns towards them, wondering what Nova could mean. A bright light blinds him before quickly vanishing as soon as it appeared. The Prince squints, rubbing his eyes. The Prince stands confused.

Moments ago, he was surrounded by strange warriors and the Lady Nova, and now they are nowhere in sight. With a deep frown, he jumps onto the back of Thunder Star. The Prince rides back towards his Empire, wondering where those people could have gone, and if they were even ever there to begin with.

The End

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