Chapter One - Page Two.

Lockwood’s grip tightens as he attempts to shield Nova, casting his gaze at the fourteen warriors whom seemingly appeared out of nowhere. The Prince stares at the man with the broad sword at his neck, its material is of a silver that Ren has never seen before. The blade is tinted red like the metal has encased the sun within when it was forged.

The man with the broad sword looks sternly at the Prince. He has vivid red hair, like a mane, with a pair of watchful wise orange eyes. Standing tall, the man confidently holds the sword, pushing it slowly closer to Ren’s neck. Next to him stands a thin woman with long blue hair which flows down to her waist. She holds a throwing knife with the same strange metal but encased with the blue of the oceans, instead of the sun, in her hand.

A greater selection of blades are hanging at her belt. The woman wears different shades of thin blue robes which lightly hug her body. Her skin is nearly as pale as Nova’s. Two similar teenagers, one male and female, stand on the left side of them, holding each other’s hand as well as a fierce looking war hammer of 6ft. Both look like they should be far too heavy for them to even pick up.

The Prince notices their eyes, the right is a light misty grey whilst the left is a deep sea blue. Casting his gaze away from the war hammers, the Prince looks at the little girl with wide eyes and bronze curly locks with multi-coloured ribbon in her hair hides behind a tall black man. The man’s muscles bulge out of his shirt, his dark green eyes glare harshly as he has a protective arm around the girl who holds a whip designed like a snake, and is sharper than any knife.

A tall man with long blonde hair and a beautiful bow and arrows watches quietly. Prince Ren squints at all fourteen of them, trying to figure out what his best move would be whilst Nova smiles lazily, her eyes watching the Prince in amusement.

A woman cloaked in black, with a dark blue mask covering her mouth, glares. Her piercing blue eyes look into Prince Ren’s soul as she twirls sharp needles with various poisons in her hands. “Release Lady Nova, or you will get hurt.”

The warriors move in closer, their gazes harsh and cold. Ren looks down at Nova whom smiles, causing the Prince’s eyebrows slightly knit together in confusion at how calm she is around those with various weapons and with malice in their eyes.

“Enough now. Ren Lockwood is not hurting me and he is just going to let go of me now; right?” At Nova’s words, some of the weapons are lowered. Nova smiles around at them and then turns to the Prince, an expected look in her eyes. Slowly, the Prince lets go, his hand resting on his sword as the man with the red mane still holds his blade to Ren’s throat.

“Leonardo, put down your sword. This is Prince Ren Lockwood, son of Villiat, of the Lunar Village Empire. He will not harm me.” To the Prince’s surprise, Leonardo hesitantly removes the blade from his neck and the rest slowly follow suit. “I told you that I could handle this myself and that you should all remain looking after the others.” Nova tilts her head, her onyx eyes looking around at the others before resting on Leonardo and the blue haired female.

The End

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