Chapter One - Page One.

Across the fresh ash ruins are heavy footsteps. Not from that of those whom perished from the fires’ rage, but from someone very much alive.

A man in his own right, tall and strong, walks through the ash with a grim expression amongst his face.

His lantern swings through the eternal darkness as his green eyes scan the ash. As the flame catches the specks of gold within his eyes, the man frowns with thoughts of fire. Fires like these are always the same; strong, over-powering and ruthless in their quest to destroy anything of value in the area of its own, twisted, battlefield.

With a deep scowl, the man pushes over a short pile of ruins with his foot before turning to leave.

The wind picks up slightly, making the man turn back for one last look as if something is there, tugging his attention back towards the ruins. Whatever it is, it is important, and shall change his life forever.

Suddenly, out of the silence, comes the sound of a twig breaking behind him.

The man turns, jumping into a strong fighting stance, adrenaline in his veins as he prepares himself but, alas, there is nothing there. Shaking his head, the man relaxes before turning to take his leave on his horse, Thunder Star.

There, right in front of him stands a woman of pale skin, which seems to glow in contrast to the black satin gown she wears. The man looks upon her with skeptism, wondering how such persons were able to arrive without the notice of himself or his steed.

Her hair is star-light white and flows down past her elbows like the moonlight itself is being reflected on the ripples of a dark, deep lake. The man stares upon her, surprised with her bold persona. He is transfixed with her eyes, wide onyx pools, drawing him in and getting him lost within them like many before whom gazed upon the nights’ sky. Her plumb, red lips smile showing perfectly white teeth, dazzling the stranger even more with her presence.

The mysterious woman stares at the man, taking in his tall form. Upon gazing on him, it is clear that he is a man of great riches. He is dressed in the best leather, with a fine sword at his belt and exquisite bows held within a quiver made of rich mahogany.

The woman laughs musically, snapping the man out of his trance of her beauty.

“Since darkness has taken over, it is not safe for a woman to be out on her own.” His voice is strong, full of power and authority.

“I can handle myself better than you know.” The woman replies rather indifferently as she moves soot with her toes, coating her bare feet. Under her gaze, the man stands taller, remembering his place and his title.

“I am Prince Ren Lockwood, son of King Villiat Lockwood of the Lunar Village Empire.” Once again, he looks upon her in curiosity after her failure to curtsey.

A sparkle forms in her eyes. “I am Nova. What, pray tell, brings you to the remains of this village? Surely, there is nothing left here for a man like you?” Even though her face is plain of emotion, and her manners to his bloodline absent, Ren can’t help but be intrigued by her. She’s not like any lady he has ever met.

“I am the son of Villiat, next in line to the Lunar Village Empire. It is my duty to protect my people. As such, I shall discover whom is creating these fires and to destroy them before they can destroy my people.” Anger burns through the specks of gold within the Prince’s green eyes.

Turning her head to the side, Nova stares up at the near empty sky, her face becoming more vacant still, her voice is faint. “You cannot destroy him, it will mean certain death to even try.” The Prince’s eyes are almost frantic.

“You know who is doing this, my Lady? You have to tell me all that you know.” The Prince balls his hands at his sides as he struggles to hold onto his composure.

Removing her eyes away from the empty sky, Nova tilts her head to the side as she squints at the Prince. “Your eagerness to find him goes beyond that of duty, son of Villiat. Whom did you lose?” The muscles in Ren’s jaw constricts.

“Tell me what you know Lady Nova.”

“A friend? No, the wound is too great to be that. Must be a family member. A sibling? A brother.” Nova watches as Prince Ren’s nostrils flare. He glares at the woman before him whilst her emotions remain vacant from her face. “Your brother was the one to perish in a monstrous fire caused by him. You want to find him for the purpose of revenge.”

Stepping forward, Ren grips her bare arms roughly and shakes her. “Tell me now! I command you to tell me!” A small smile tugs at the woman’s lips as she watches the Prince before her.

The blades of swords and the sound of various other weapons being drawn circle the two. Nova stays within the Prince’s harsh grasp. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you.”

The End

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