Version 1 of 'Fire Heart - When Gods Fall'

This is an updated version of a story I began writing a while ago. I have decided to re-post the story like this so that I can easily see the differences I have made between my different versions so that it may help me actually finish it.
All rights belong to me.

Prologue; The Last Day of Sun.

The silence is all that's left. Silence and darkness. Ever-lasting silence and terrible, terrible, darkness.

Light has all but left this earth and the people surviving on it. There are sparse times when it shines through, on the rarest of occasions catching a slight glimpse of a spark in a child's eyes.

Day never comes and neither does the rain.

On the last day of sun, it was said that everything was normal. People were working like any other day whilst children played outside in fresh, gleaming streams. The sun's rays lightly kissed the waters, creating a bow of colours so beautiful that the clouds took it to the heavens, only blessing the world below with it when the sun and rain were re-united once again in the sky. It is said that no one knew what would happen. That no one knew it was the last time that they felt the warm ball of light gracing them with his presence.

When the mortals awoke the next day, they knew that something had happened, for there was no light. The sun had left them.

Some say that the sun walks among them, wanting to experience life in human form. Some say that the sins of those below grew too much for the sun, for his love for the creatures that walk on the earth was too strong to see them destroy themselves, so he decided not to look anymore. Others believe that the other Gods were jealous of the suns glory and banished him away from those he loved and whom loved him. 

None of these are true.

The sun did leave the sky, but not because he wanted to be human or that the other Gods were envious. The last day of the sun was not as it should have been. Yes, for the average person, they had a normal day but not of those who knew...

Who knew that the rain had vanished. Had been stolen, ripped out from the very heavens themselves.

After the sun left, the moon disappeared too. Then the brightest stars which protected the heavens.

The End

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