End of Chapter One

Before I go back to my hotel room, I pick up some dinner for myself.

How we ration food is depending on your height, age, and how active you are. You can either get your meals as you go, get a daily ration, or get a weekly ration. There’s a program that keeps track of each person’s rationing. So you can’t try to sneak back in for a second ration because they will have you down on record.

The rations, in my opinion, are enough to satisfy for each meal. They make sure we are getting enough food in every food group. And they also give out desert twice a week. This system has made us become healthier. We are still able to eat all those greasy foods, but now we have to eat only a small portion. Plus, you are given foods from other food groups that some people wouldn’t necessarily be eating enough of.

And this is the system for the entire world. Every place is the same in that aspect. The only differences now between different states and countries and territories is the weather and landscape and some activities.

Once I get to the hotel, I take my food up to my room, without speaking to anyone.  And then I eat alone while watching a movie. Tomorrow, I will have a race, a half marathon. I eat pasta to prepare myself. The struggle of being a runner is keeping hydrated, and by doing so, I have to pee all the time. After eating my food and peeing four times, I finally lay down to fall asleep. 

The End

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