What I do continued

Most days I just do training. I am a runner. I run for hours on end. And I go work out at the gym all the time. I travel the world to go to marathons, plus to just enjoy the sights, but the main reason I started was for the marathons.  

I am now currently in South Carolina, relaxing with the monkeys on Morgan Island. Even though I love running, I need a break, especially since my body doesn’t love the running. I have always had problems with my joints, but I’ve always forced myself to continue to run. Sometimes I get to the point that I am unable to run because of the pain. The first problem was my hips, then my shins, and then my knees. My knees are by far the worst now. And because of my shin and leg pains, I accidentally gave myself frostbite. The frostbite messed up my nerves in my right leg, so now I get this tingly feeling and when it worsens, it’s a sharp pain like I’m being shocked. And my hips, that were once the worse, are now not so bad, as long as I don’t sit in a tight space for too long or push myself too hard when running.

So I take days, possibly weeks, like this, where I just relax. I sit on a beach and enjoy the sun, and of course, here, I enjoy the monkeys. The rhesus monkeys are very entertaining to watch. They run around like crazy and most of them get along. The little babies are absolutely adorable and very curious; they are the ones that usually come up to me.

“Hi there, whatcha doing?” I say in a quiet and sweet voice. The monkey taps my camera and examines it very closely. I laugh, which frightens the little thing.

“Oh, no, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you. It’s okay, come here.” I put out my hand calmly and wait for the monkey to either accept me or run away. After a minute of contemplating with itself, the monkey takes two of my fingers in its hand. Then it licks my palm. I try not to laugh or scare it from my excitement. It is the cutest thing ever! The monkey looks up at me for a second then runs off to be with the rest of its group.

I stand back up, walk over to the water, and sit with my feet at the shoreline. I take more pictures of the monkeys as they run by and play, then I take some pictures of the ocean. Soon I will have to go back to civilization. But for the moment, I enjoy the absence of human beings. 

The End

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