In this new world there is no such thing as money. Your life is easy with Versatiles working for you. But when all is well, people begin to go missing, and you have to wonder if it's because of the Versatiles of if it is humans behind it.

Part One

Chapter One

It happened when I was just turning five, so the memory of the excitement and the debating stayed with me. And a few memories of life before, as well. Life before wasn’t great, but wasn’t horrible.

Nowadays, things are easy going. I can do pretty much whatever I want all the time. And our new era of life is going well. There aren’t any more of those difficult conflicts and not many controversies to be fighting about. Having Versatiles in our life has made mostly everything very peachy. There are still problems within families, neighbors, and friends, but at least the most stressful things have been eliminated. Yeah, I still had to go to school, but to be honest, it wasn’t stressful because I only had to learn about the basic things. I could’ve furthered my education, but I chose not to. That just wasn’t for me.

            Versatiles are our workers. They do any sort of job that needs to be done. They are the workers at restaurants, they are the ones that build our cars and buildings, they are the ones that take on anything and everything so that we don’t have to. They aren’t humans; we don’t believe in slavery. Versatiles are mechanical beings that take on forms of humans. They do not have the organs, they don’t need food, they can take on as much labor as we put on them. And the reason for our laziness is so that we do not need money in our lives. Who would work without getting paid? And who would work if you didn’t need to be paid? That is why we have the Versatiles, so that they can work for us because the work still needs to be done. The only people that still work are the ones that make Versatiles and fix them, the government, and those who choose to work.

            After World War Three, the decision was made. We would cancel out power. So we took away money completely. Everyone is the same class. There are no homeless people. There aren’t people that are above any others, unless if you consider the government as above us. The government people still have the same size houses as us. And we each have a house according to the size of our families. So you could say that some people are better off because they have bigger houses than you, but that is only because they have more children. With more children, you need more space, so everyone understands. 

The End

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