First Day

Before I knew it, Sunday was already on its way out the door. I had spent most of the weekend up in the attic unpacking, and had created a nice hideaway for myself. I was dreading having to go to school of course, and had come up with various and extensive escape plans, excuses, and methods.

I knew it would be impossible to get out of though. At least I had the small adventure of walking to school with that hopeless nerd to look forward to. Or dread. I wasn’t sure which was more beneficial.

I sat on the floor, surrounded by smoking, naseuating clouds of incense reading Allen Ginsberg’s Howl out loud to myself. I love reading that poem. It makes me want break things, or run down the street naked. I highly doubted they taught stuff like that at high school.

Oh, what was I getting myself into? I’d be better off staying here all day with Betty and her cookies. At least I could read my poetry.

I tried thinking of my fantasies, but the anger was rising.

Monday morning, I woke up late. I didn’t mean to. Oh, who am I kidding? Of course I meant to.

I probably would have stayed in bed if it hadn’t been for Luke.

He came by the house twenty minutes before school started, still wearing his Star Wars tshirt and grinning like an idiot while he waited on the porch. Betty finally found him and brought him inside.

“Verna! Verna are you ready for school?” She called behind my door.

“School? What the f&%$?” I grumbled, trying to block out the noise with my pillow. I writhed and grumbled, and finally fell with a thud to the floor from the bed.

“Sweetie, your little friend Luke is downstairs!” Betty called again.

“Betty, I’m not going to school!” I shouted back.

“Of course you are,” she said. I could hear her footsteps down the hall. I got dressed, but didn’t even try to do anything to my hair

Betty was force feeding Luke pancakes by the time I got downstairs, he seemed hesitant.

“Betty, we have to go,” I said, dragging Luke behind me.

The End

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