Missing Pages

Veritatem is the most extensive history of Maegard, but even it has its secrets. Unknown when, many pages were ripped out, concealing parts of the creation story, royal history, battle records etc. Left in the place of every taken page is a copy of the featured poem (written in Maedaal - the English translation is in the guidance)...ENJOY!

Taura havae egna ey,

Leske d’ehl vetah ashk dre asai,

Fahso ali eñorh dre vrï ajhas,

Anra thih yr nišaiš.


Ehka havae ny, o’ashk sottah sretor,

Artau bathal t’astelo cenasor,

Ba’n ah te kahno pode careso nievach,

Ehka serath siyai nach,


Dirae’al te arkahn yuai ny’oath dareh,

Ante, orelo nievach vau nodeh,

Vetïr nathos te arkahn aliseyt serae,

Srel taura ny’atra etr atalae.

The End

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