The Nomads

It was happening again.

The wind brushes past my hair, little white wispy flowers graze me and disappear into the bright light behind me.

There is nothing around me, just pure, blinding white light. They're watching me again, their piercing blue eyes boring into me. I knew what they were. I knew they shouldn't be.


Five of them, each as big as the Tower in the City. The scales on their skin glinting in the sourceless light. Inn any other setting, they would look terrifying. Great pointed maws, two razor sharp teeth erupting from each side of their face, and curling behind their eyes, but now they looked majestic, great, beautiful beasts, the last of which died out millenniums ago.

They could talk. I knew they could, Dragons were more intelligent than any other creature alive or dead, they had cultivated a whole civilisation before the Mother and the Father had created all the races in the Making.

When the Mother and the Father departed our world, they designated the Dragons the keepers, the ones who must allow and help the races to grow, allow the world to bloom and keep everything safe.

But as we and every other race evolved, some began to see the Dragons as enemies.

They were hunted, the gentle keepers were murdered, and with nothing left to keep the world pure, evil seeped in, causing the Citizens to lock themselves away in a floating City. For all eternity.

I lay on the floor, staring up at the empty, blank space which enveloped me. I couldn't feel anything. The pain was gone, but the injuries weren't. Dark red blood encased my face and body, my clothes torn revealing the horrific gash in my stomach.

Then, one of them spoke. One of them spoke.

"Stand, little one," It said, gesturing with it's clawed hand.

"I c-can't," I stuttered. But then i was standing, my feet were cemented to the floor, my body unmoving.

"You are safe, L'ratir," That was a female, the voice only just lighter than the other.

"Who?" I asked. L'ratir. That is what they had called me.

"You must protect the Band, keep it safe,"

I sobbed once.

"I ca-can't," I said.

"You must, you must ignore the pain and despair you feel. Rise up, we will try to help you, but we can not be there constantly, you must do it alone,"

I sobbed again. 

"Good luck, Daugther of Life,"

Before i could answer, i dropped to the floor again. The pain flooded back, filling every part of my body, the raw, horrible pain. I could hear Nul yelling.

He was alive.

I could feel sand below me, but everything was dark.


A light.


A pair of thick bristly hands scooped me up, and everything went dark.


The End

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