The Rage Of A Man With An Empty Soul

The Blader acknowledged the command, and stood straight. Moments later, a glint of silver pierced the air and it's head was away from it's body.

The body stayed still for a while, but eventually collapsed to the floor.

"By Sladen!," Morthor screamed, he took the sword he was holding and buried into the back of the dead Blader.

His eyes burned with rage, his face purple and his cloak stained with his own blood. 

The girl and the boy had escaped.

Morthor turned round, another Blader stood firm at the doorway. Morthor gripped the hilt of the sword and ripped it from the dead Blader, dark black almost oily blood dripping from the point, he threw it, as hard as he could manage. It whistled through the air and hit the Blader, the momentum carried on, pulling the extra mass forward and into the wall behind.

The light in the Blader's eyes died, as Morthor removed the sword, took a cloth from his pocket, wiped it clean and put it back into the scabbard.

There was a bleep from the other side of the dark, draughty room.

  "Killing the Blader's won't help, Kalli- plus, they're expensive to make," A voice came about the same time the image of a short, bearded man appeared. The image was basked in a dark red light.

Morthor stood in the middle of the room and waited for the figure to speak again.

"Let it go," The man said, Morthor understood. It had been over two days since Elmi and Nul had escaped, not before the little bitch managed to wound him. That was the thing he thought about most of all. He knew they were dangerous, Elmi was skilled and nimble, and Nul was a whisperer, but he had no idea what had happened in the split second between where he had the boy in a head lock and they were in the Pod and he was bleeding fairly profusely.

He hadn't seen her move.

When the Pod was in flight, the cannons on the base of the city auto fired, catching it on the wing, it had fallen to the ground, out of sight.

"There is no way that they are still alive, Morthor,  but i want you to take a team to the ground. I have two Generals willing to go with you- take a troop of Bladers as well,"

"Yes, Master Koloss," Morthor replied, bitterly. He was supposedly the Mayor, but everybody answers to somebody. Koloss stayed in the depths of the City, supposedly dead, commanding all the little branches of deceit and corruption he had running through the City.

"And, Kalli," Koloss said.

"Yes, Master,?"

"Come by my chambers in a few hours, i have one more addition for your team," The holographic projection could never display the true evil behind his smile.

The End

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