The Last

The baking sun was something i had never truly felt on my skin. The City had a colossal dome protecting it, the sun was visible but the heat never broke the barrier.

It was nice, it took my mind of everything that was going on around me. 

Me and Nul were dying.

Slowly, but most definitely surely.

We had just barely escaped the clutches of the madman Kalli Morthor, and flown out of our prison of a home, which stood suspended by magic, high above a world that every citizen had convinced themselves was a dangerous place full of evil and hatred... ironic.  I had looked up, but the City's defence mechanisms had been reenabled and it had simply disappeared from view.

The Pod we had been flying in had broken up mid-flight, and had fallen the rest of the way, shattering into pieces on impact into the deserts below the city. We had survived.

Why did we have to?

My brother lay next to me, his breathing staggered and slowing by the second.

I stifled a sob, he hadn't said a word for hours.

Our parents and the underground society which they were part of had been brutally murdered at Morthor's hand.

The Venturers were the last chance for all the citizens of the City, the last chance to be freed from the spell that it kept everybody under control with, but the Bladers had slaughtered them all.

Except us.

We had escaped, but we were soon caught again. Morthor said he was going to execute us, he would never, Nul would never have let him.

Nul was a Whisperer, a person with the ability to commune with the spirits, they gave him unnatural powers for a chance to keep  a passage to the living plain, it was dangerous to get too close to him.

I looked up again, at the dark blue sky which pierced my sore eyes.

I knew that it was an image, the disgusting walls of the city hidden by magic, and behind that magic, Morthor was readying himself. Gathering the Bladers and calling us traitors to turn the public against us.

He was coming to kill us, and even if he wasn't, the desert would.

The End

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