The Departure.

The Pod towered over us.

I knew what i had to do, it was easy. Get in the Pod, drop to the surface, get Nul and the Band as far away from the City as i could. 

But i could never do that. The City was my home. Nobody left the City, you were born there, you toiled away your life there, you got married there, had kids there, grew old there and ultimately, you died there.

And the Surface. It was whole other world. Monsters and horrors lived below. I knew only what Mariss and Kolortian had told us, which wasn't much. The evils that lurked below could kill us after we landed. Although, could what was below be any worse than what was up here.

Images of Morthor flooded into my mind, watching over the Venturers being slaughtered, laughing as my mother held out her blood covered arms, sobbing for the sake of her children. Him silencing her.


I made up my mind. Wiping a tear from my eye, i reached forward for what i took as a door. My palm swept it, leaving an illuminated handprint. A screen next to the door ran through hundreds of images of random people, before landing on me, red words flashed on the screen.


I was taken aback slightly when the panel that resembled a door, turned out to be a door, and dropped open with a hiss.

While I climbed inside, Nul took a few steps back.

"Nul, come on!" I called, but Nul turned and ran.

Suddenly, a hidden set of sliding doors slid open, revealing three figures. Morthor, and two especially mean looking Bladers. Nul couldn't stop, he plowed straight ahead.

Morthor gripped his shoulder, holding him tightly to his chest.

"So predictable, the Venturers," Morthor smiled sinisterly as Nul struggled, "A portal to the only Hangar left in the city, now, you have two choices, give the Band to me, and you and your brother can die together,"

I winced.

"Don't give me the Band, and you can watch your brother die slowly and painfully. Then we will kill you and simply take it, you have five seconds to decide,"

The End

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