The Pod

The Band.

Where to start?

It was what Morthor wanted, with it, his plan would be complete, he would have the power to destroy the city. Or the world.

For the worse.

I forced myself to not think about it. I had the Band, and as long as i kept it away from Morthor, that would never happen. I reached over and pulled it from the pedestal.

It was barely a second before i knew something was wrong. The Band was hot, extremely hot. So hot my hands automatically released it and i fell to the floor with a clang. 

"Ah feck!" I cried, blowing on my hands. The Band was on the floor, glowing a bright red. It hissed as it cooled. I wouldn't be touching it again.

Nul stepped forward.

His eyes were glowing.


"The Band- it is not made for you. It is for me,"

I tried to stop him, but he had already scooped the Band from the floor. He stared at it blankly, after a few moments of anticipation, it stayed cool- Nul wasn't screaming in pain.

I opened my mouth to speak, but there was a flash. The Band started glowing, this time a blinding green. A line of light erupted from it, hitting the ground and rebounding upwards. Nul was unfazed. But the light hurt my eyes, but i began to focus as two figures appeared in the light.

Marissa and Kolortian appeared.

"By the gods..." I stuttered.

"Nul, Elmi, listen to me, because we only have time to say this once," Kolortian said, his broad jaw and chiseled face as perfect as ever.

"Morthor knows where you are, he is coming, the Band, you must protect the band at all costs," Marissa said, still beautiful as ever. The light gave her skin a green hue, and the image was slightly distorted, "The Band will take you away from here, but you must find your way from there,"

I couldn't summon any speech, but i made a strange mumbling noise. Kolortian seemed to notice and looked straight at me.

"Elmi, make your way east across the desert below. Keep Nul safe, he is our only hope, you will co-come-come"

The image began to fade.

"Wait! Tell me!" I screamed. Nul still stared.

"All-Allmeria," Kolortian said.

The image died. I choked a sob.

Nul blinked back to life.

"Elmi?" He said, referencing my tears. I didn't know why i was crying. Confusion? Seeing Mariss and Kolortian again? What was Allmeria?

The Band was cold again, but not for long. It shone again, this time a deep purple.

Nul held it at arms length.

There came a crash and a bang from upstairs.



I embraced Nul as the Band shone so bright i had to seal my eye lids, and we were no longer in the cellar.


I hit the floor hard, throwing myself upwards.

We were in a huge, dim room with a high roof. There were windows, but they didn't look out onto the city. They look down onto the world below.

The setting sun was just visible, and lit up the ground in an orange light.

There was a huge metal door built into the wall, leading out into the air. For what?

"Elmi?" Nul asked, i turned to see him with his back turned to me. His hand running along a strange, shining object. It took me a moment to register what it was.

Long, thin wings like Ledgebirds, a spherical body with a glass pane. Mariss and Kolortian had books about these, it was a Pod.

It was going to take us away from the City.

Away from Morthor.

It was going to take us to the surface.


The End

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