The Only Thing That Can Save Us

The door to the inn was locked, triple bolted, magically sealed.

When the stares of other creatures had stopped, I lowered down to the key hole. I took a deep breath and envisioned the locks, them sealed, tightly, the fading aura that covered them. Then i imagined them open.




The three locks slid open, followed by what sounded like a final breath as the protection aura died.

I pushed Nul inside, and with one final glance around, i followed.


The Dagger and Ale was home to us. Mariss and Kolortian had run the Inn as an actual business, getting enough money to survive. But at night, they would oust the customers, and hold the Venturers meetings. They gave me and Nul the guest room at the back of the cramped but cosy place.

I snapped myself out of nostalgia, no time, no time, no time, I told myself.

I half walked/ half ran/ half stumbled to the door and into the meeting room. The thick wooden table surrounded by chairs which had been left as they were the last time they were sat on. The faces of all the different members flashed back to me.

No time.

There was a book case at the far back of the room. In my time here i had read every book in it, except one. The thick book pressed between to books half it's size. The faded spine just about displayed:

'Prodigiumm Ust Tuitus Lucus'


'Portals To Safer Places'

I hadn't read it because it wasn't a book. I pressed the spine, and it moved backwards, whirring as forty seven different locks clicked out of place.

I watched as the bookcase slid out of it's place, running along the wall, until it revealed a door.

A thick, ugly door, that at that moment was the most beautiful door i had ever seen.

I opened it and saw the stairs that i hadn't seen that often when i lived here. I went inside.

The stairs were made of stone, and they led into the cellar, which in any other Inn would hold booze.

But while a few bottles littered the small, dank room, the thing that immediately drew your attention, was the pedestal which sat in the middle of the room, which on top, sat the Band.

The only thing that could save us.

The End

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