The Escape.

Another glance over the city and i felt a flash of sorrow.

I had grown up in the City, it had been my home when i was young and had no knowledge of the dark sides of the world. I still don't think Nul fully understood the darkness that shrouded everything.

Steam rose from workshops and factories, other colors of strange gases from different magical experiments mixed together to make a shitty brown.

Noises of all manner filled the area, and even reached the tower. Day was dawning, the two suns coming together from the horizon, heading towards each other, every time this happened, i feared that they would collide together, creating a huge cataclysm and destroying the world below.

Perhaps for the best, but no such luck. They simply swapped sides as day dawned. Another hour and we would be dead.

Nul was still snoozing. He was a Whisperer, a person born with dormant magical powers, a link to the Gods- and Demons. The Venturers refused to train him in magic, the underlying powers would erupt every time he used a simple spell. They slept heavily, the Whisperers, the permanent link to the Otherworld a huge burden to Nul.

A click at the door.

Another as the bolt slid open.

A huge man in a veil mask stepped through the grimy threshold.

"Up," Defeated, i obeyed,"Wake him,"

I almost smiled, Whisperers were impossible to wake.

Almost impossible.

"I can't," I said, slowly.

"You piece of pig shit! Don't disobey me," The man snarled.

"No, i mean i can't wake him," I replied, again, as calm as i could.

The man lashed out, throwing me to the floor. He stormed across the floor, Grabbing Nul by the shoulder, and lifting him from the bed.

Nul reacted.

His eyes lurched open, the pupils like pin heads, the iris a deep purple. His body tapped the magic beneath him, sending it outwards in a sphere of immense power.

Nul fell to the floor, loosened by the man who was now lying dead in the corner, face disfigured and skin melted and destroyed.

"Holy Shit, Nul-" I said in shock, but i turned to see his face streaming with tears. I ran to him and hugged him.

Then i noticed the door. It was open.

We ran.

The End

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