The Execution.

Nul had stopped sobbing. Stopped doing anything. His eyes closed, the only sound was his rough breathing.

I thought about the past few months, becoming part of a family for the first time in a while. But i closed that door of my mind off, being sentimental is being weak, and being weak is being prey.

A click at the door.

A creak as it opened.

Footsteps as he walked in.

Kalli Morthor.

  "Good evening Miss Larill, i am-"

"A bastard?" I snapped.

"Ouch, that hurt," Without warning, a whislting through the air. A fist, Morthor's hand connected with my face, i fell from the bed. To the floor. Nul was still asleep, thank god, "About as much as that,"

"You are unredemptable!" I yelled in a whisper.

"Oh well, now, i'd like to talk to you, Elmi," He crossed to the window, "This city. So ignorant. But the Venturers. oh ho! They were so... what's the word. awake. They knew of me, as i'm sure you do. I'm also sure you know that you and your brother are the only ones left, and shall be executed publicly tomorrow unless you tell me what i want to know,"

"Go. And. Burn." I snarled, climbing to my feet, "We shall take it to our graves,"

"So sure of yourself, the way you stand, the way you talk- just like your mother. The moment she died, she begged for mercy-"

"My mother would never be so weak!!" I cried.

"Oh, Elmi, she knew she was condemned, she begged not for her, but for you, and Nul, she sobbed with her husbands blood on her hands, and mercy is what i want to give you, just tell me, Elmi, tell me where the Band is,"

For a moment i waivered. Would he save us? Was he trustworthy? No... what else did i have to live for? My parents would want me to die with dignity, and the City would be saved if Morthor never found where the Band was.

I spat, as he went to wipe it away, i flung my arms out, snaking light erupted from my fingertips. Whipping him twice, throwing him backwards. 

Blader's flooded in, pinning me to the floor.

"Elmi," Said Morthor, looking over me, "I see you have made your choice, with or without you we will find the Band. Sleep now, big day tomorrow!"

I growled.

"Tomorrow is the day you and your snotty little brother die,"


The End

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