The City

I cam round a few hours later, to a dark cell room with one solitary moonlight window with bars.

I heard Nul sobbing, he shouldn't be going through this. He was only seven cycles old. I was more than double that, and yet i still felt like sobbing. But i couldn't, he was all i had left, i needed to stay strong for him.

"Nul..." I croaked.

He looked up.

"What... hap-pened?" My head was sore.

"The B-B-Blader," He said slowly, his stutter painfully halting what he was trying to say, "He didn't-t kil-l y-y-ou. He-e used the s-sword as a c-c-club,"

He did what? Bladers were merciless, we were being hunted and the Bladers would have been told to annihilate us by any means. He hadn't killed me...

I got to my feet, almost collapsing as my vision blurred for a moment.

Going to the window, i looked out across the landscape. We were in the Tower. Looking over the City, the greatest civilization ever built. The City that was going to kill us.

The End

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