In a world where all manner of things can happen, two children are being hunted by their own people, is their only hope of survival venturing into the forgotten Downlands?

I ran. Just, ran.

As fast as I could, my ragged leather boots pounding loudly against the grimy floor of the city.

Nul followed behind, barely ahead of the light that was emanating from the mob's torchlights. He was scared, more scared than me, i could tell. When he was younger the Bladers scared him, everybody else would ignore the hulking leather clad beasts with no expression, with the horrific swords which grew from their arms. But he wouldn't, he would scream whenever they passed him on patrol.

He was screaming now. No yelling, warning.

 "Elmi!! Watch out!!"

I looked ahead, a Blader, eight foot tall, waiting for me, blade glinting. 

I couldn't stop in time.

The blade came down.


The End

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