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There was a spikey sensation. It exploded throughout my nostrils. Warm honey, melted buttter, cinamon. Someone was baking flapjack. I took in the smell as I was still filled with the euphoria of my  brake. My brain reluctantly started into gear. My inner cogs started to churn out dark thoughts once again. My peace ceased and it dawned on me. I've been found.

My eyes started to fill my mind with images. My sight returned and I wish it hadn't. My eyes felt like they'd never closed. They were  sore and aching. Two eyes were staring intensly at me. I felt a hand losely grasping to my own hands. My oldest friend was staring at me wide eyed and my prince (who was holding my hand) was sniffling under his mass of fluffy hair. I slowly began to turn my head and realised I was lay strewn across the coffee table. My snuggly blanket was hidden in the corner, and sofa cushions were haphazardly upon any and every visible surface. I could barely make out the covers for those cushions as they were hanging behind my best friends head.

Are you the real one this time? I think thats what my treasured friend said. Her voice was a cross between shaking with fear and tones you'd use for a child. I looked at her filled with utter confusement. "Don't youu remember?" I knew from those words that I'd lost, all over again.

The End

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