Never leave your body alone,Mature

After all the pitfalls I'd decided to take a hiatus. I'd begun to hate everything. My nightmares had returned and I was losing my perspective. That and I've lost count how many times I felt like my mind had left. Late one night I began to breath in the cold air. I could feel the next wave of test planes coming closer. I was using them as a measure of time. Just to keep my brain thinking regular thoughts. It was the only thing I could manage to keep myself from going into overload. My brain was calmed and I couldn't wait much longer. I was alone. There was no chance of being found until I'd come back. I'd chosen to resign to one part of my fate. But to be honest if it would be helpfull it would be worth it. So good bye. I was going to a different reality. Somewhere I felt I was god. I could be as elaborate, as extravagent, as out-landish as I wanted to be.

The End

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