The third, the final, and the decay.Mature

This was the point I knew I had planned in vain. All those years. And this one, this last, this most ultimate act, would destroy me.

It was summer. I was almost nearing the end of my ninth year of education. And my third year of Secondary school. I was half way between 15 and 16. I was getting bored of another year of monotonous work and pointless socialising. The long periods of planning and hiding was taking its toll. I was becoming lonely.  I was begining to feel hatred to all of the past illogicals fill me. I needed to find a new vent. static wasn't working anymore. I wanted to be like to other people I knew. I wanted at least someone I could depend on. Some one to be there for me if I ever lost it.

I decided to pick someone who I viewed weaker than me. Someone I'd found who needed someone to latch on to. Some one from a small group incase of backfire. I knew just the person. He was dumb, weak and I'd seen him try to pathetically latch on to others for support. Sure he wasn't much, mentally I couldn't stand him and I'd probably want to get rid of him fast. But it would work for a while.

Except I misjudged. It was easy to obtain his attention. I talked to him twice before school. His birthday was coming up so I bought him a small tacky gift. But it was enough. He'd latched on by the second conversation and was asking me out by the time I'd given him the peice of junk

Two weeks later, after two mind numbingly boring dates I'd find out how much I'd rather had lonleiness. It was summer weekend. He'd caught me playing on a game boy on the way home from school the day before. He decided to call round my house with a copy of his favourite game. My first fault was letting him now where I lived. My second was having my computer in my room. My third was my fear.

His idea of 'chilling' was trying to make every advance possible. I was too distracted by the gameplay mechanics of the game he brought round. I guess I estimated his intelligence to low. He must have planned to distract me with the game while he cuddled, whispered, stroked and anything else his hormones would deem acceptable towards his underage girl'friend'. I could feel the panic building as my mind snapped back to the situation at hand. I was getting scared and my body had started to freeze. I was so filled with panic that I wanted to scream out to my parents. I was so filled with fright that I couldn't even scream when I heard then shout goodbyes and leave the house. I was alone. my sister was asleep and ill downstairs. My parents had left. I started to regret not taking up martial arts when I had the chance.

He'd managed to pick me up despite my frantic fist waving and cursing. His eyes where now darkened and filled with evil contentment. I began kicking as he began to undress. He'd muffled me as I started to regain my ability to scream. He then bit deep into my my shoulder making one of my arms go numb.

I guess my sister must have called my mum, because at that very moment my parents burst in, just as that monster was making his way through the last of my defenses. My face was strewn with tears. My jaw was locked biting onto the socks shoved into my mouth in pure fear.My shoulder was trickling blood all other the bed clothes.

For all I knew I was filled with microscopic parasites, that guy was thrown out of the house. My dad left in disgust. My mum lectured and shouted at me for hours, and all that time I never had the chance to explain. She never believed me. I tried to explain. I was just lucky I wasn't kicked out of the house. They never but together the bleeding shoulder, the gagging, and my obvious broken state. I'd lost my virginity (I think) and I'd almost lost my arm. My mum took me to the hospital, and I got thirteen stitches. She told the doctor I'd had an acident in the garden. For three months I cried, my eyes where so swollen. I cried internally for two years. Thankfully I never became pregmant. But for along time I'd claw open my shoulder where the wound was. And for even longer I wanted to rip out my insides and remove his taint. The glass of my jar has never looked so dull. It was the final straw, and it had started to crack. My back-up was decaying, from the years of illogical idiocy. I needed to start over and become someone else.

All I know is I would need to become a completly different person to survive this. Instead of living behind my sheilds and carefully planning each move, I would need to become my characters. I would need to live as the code names. And of course no one would believe me. They never did. I would never see the evil monster come to any harm or justice. I wasn't even 16.

The End

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