The second ilogical act.Mature

I tried to let out a sigh of relief when I finally earned more freedom, and advanced to secondary school. Honestly I tried. But part of me knew that things were only getting harder. I'd need to improve my character sheilds. I'd need to stregnthen their back stories and make my acting more believeable. I was age 12.

By the time I was 14 fate had struck again. This time I was on what should have been the ultimate luxury. I was away from home. Away from my traitorous parents. I was in a different country, surrounded by some great culture and I had some new gadgets to play with.

Unfortunatly I had only let down my guard for one second and all of hell's minions had charged at me. Firstly I had made the mistake of keeping to myself during the travelling. This was a fault in my nature. I'd never been an active person while travelling. I couldn't read while travelling as it made me sick. I couldn't talk because it was the middle of the night when we'd set off on our journey so I was tired. My class'mates' were excited about the journey and refused to sleep, so I was too paranoid about keeping my gaurd up to get rest. So I turned up my music and watched the scenery go past.

The second fault was not of my doing. There was no way I could hold this back. I had to happen so life could slap me across the face, except it was crueler than karma. After the first night in the hotel we'd spent a day shopping. Usually I hate the prospect of shopping, especialy spending a whole day doing one task. But I found exploring the town center interesting as it was new territory.I made no mistakes in the day, but the night was full of small slip ups. The first slap came from across the seas. My parents had found a way of monitoring me by using the web enabled cameras in the city square. I'd dismantled my phone after being constantly pestered to smile and wave. I brushed it of by telling them the battery was dead. But on returning to the hotel we were met by a very disgruntled hotel manager. It turned out that someone kept ringing the hotel all day and the manager lady had, had to pay through the nose for the several hundred phone calls.

I swallowed hard, my stomach sunk, and I lost my grip on my sheilds. Of course I knew what was wrong. Who else would have the insane will to do this. We were all sat down on tables infront of a carefully planned buffet while one of our teachers tried to sort it out. We were told to eat but I couldn't bring my self to eat. So I picked up a lettuce leaf and sat down in the hope that my body would over come its fear and let me eat.

An hour later we were let outside. My teacher pulled me to one side and grilled me for answers. Aparrently the manager lady didn't want compensation for the phone calls after I had apologised to her.  Both her and my teacher saw how sick with nerves I was, and let me do as I pleased. So I returned to my room and tried to undo the knots in my stomach before I'd need my sheild again.

This was the first time I'd discovered one of my valves. One of my vents for my stress. I'd later find out that it would be a mixture of two as a tossed back can after can of Cola and entertained my physical self by watching the static on the TV. It was the only thing interesting. It calmed me. It allowed my mind to walk of and calculate what to do next.

I'd just discovered my first physical addiction. I'd drink Cola as a release for the next five years, until it would no longer do much more than damage me. I was age 14.

The End

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