A visitor.Mature

 Have you ever been in an atmosphere you don't want to leave? A specific group of people who provide such an experience and level of interaction that you want to keepe them around for ever? Well this has happened to me. I've become very artistic in my later years of secondary. I went on to study it at college. There I found some of the most intreging minds I'd ever come across. I wish I didn't have to leave and when I did it saddened me greatly. Untill I met one of the dark ones friends. He's an intelectual and has an interesting mind. Someone with an imagination that wasn't affraid of a little darkness and insanity. So I decided to try keep him around. Just so I didn't feel like I was the only one. That and his mind interested me.

Spending time with him and his exceptionally tall and slightly dark friend became another valve. I could hide amongst men in their environment and I'd feel slightly comfortable yet I always felt left out. With these two I wasn't. I was one of them, never affraid to express my thoughts and I was on the same level as them. It was good to be back in this atmosphere. I could breath, not for the sake of breathing but for the thrill of the air rushing through my lungs.

And then it crashed. Someone thought he liked me, so I delved into anything I could find. Trying to reason, asking people if they new. And then I panicked as I started to look down into a ditch. He began to suspect that I liked him. I already had my prince and I wasn't the type of girl to go after many. I was happy with the one I had. He might act like an idiot but he was much more valuable than anyone else could ever be and I couldn't survive without him

The bard that I'd loved spending time with was now epecting awkwardness. He began to grow darker and I felt  like I'd lost my only arty friend. I have no idea wether I'd ever get the chance to apologise. Should I find him. Should I explain. Even when he was dragged back towards my castle by the dark one, I knew the atmosphere was tainted. It was as if some one had farted into the only oxygen I had. Now it burned to breath. I still had the bard as an ally, but I doubt it will ever be the same. I had to draw by myself again.

The End

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