For months I've been trying to hold everything around me together. Everything seemed to be going wrong. One catastrophe had snowballed into another and another. My plan, my game play and my stratagies were falling apart around me. My so called prince/hime was slowly turning into an idiotic twat. The first month or so was fine. We'd shared meals around a table, we'd cooked for the whole house together. We'd even snuggled up watching tv till late. I could put up with him wanting to be a princess, what I couldn't put up with was his wannabe douche-bag "friend" he was playing online with so much.

Our castle had started to crack too. We'd started to run out of money and we'd lost funds from people who owed us money. Lots of money at that. Every external force was being slow with results appart from those who wanted money from us. People said it would be hard, but I'd always ignored that and carried on regardless. I'm just awkward that way. What we hadn't counted on was all our carpets being pulled out from under us and free falling into a heap of shit. We had to make excuses to everyone just to get by. But as time went one each excuse got frailer, like a dieing animal. People stopped believing us, and all we were doing is telling the truth and trying to buy time. Banks were screwing us over. Companies couldn't make up their minds to hat peice of paperwork they realy wanted. And those who where giving us money where finding every possible chance to kick us in the groin and dangle what was rightfully ours in front of our faces. But only after we sold both our arms just to pay the rent.

All this time when I was trying to hold on to all the parts of the plan, I forgot one thing. To hold onto my mind.

The End

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