As I pulled up out of the water, I felt my reched lungs gasp desperatly for air. My body began to shake. In a last ditch attempt to stop the shaking, I sat hunched on the side of the bath. Submerging my head in the cold water was the only way I had left to control my darkness. Some how it gave me a sense of pleasure as I mastered my body and managed to hold my breath for longer.

I had, had a fear of being deep in water for years. It all stemmed back to when I was force into learning to swim. I sucked terribly, and in a vain attempt to make my "natural" instincts kick in, my teacher grasped my head and lunged it into the water. After my brain coped with my neck almost being snapped, it forced my eyes open. Above me I could see his face and his big grin as he thought he was winning. I could feel my lungs choking on the water.My oxygen intake was dwindling and my chest was getting rigid. My limbs where quickly giving in. My arms sang. My feet touched the bottom of the pool. It was dark. I could no longer see his face, and at that moment I'd never felt so wretchedly heavy in my whole life, and I was disgusted.

I woke at the side of the pool with one half of my face in a watery puke. My throat burned for days from the chlorine intake. What I hated the most was that, that man got away with it. The school said it was a normal activity. I was not a fish and have never been a fish. It's un-natural for a human to breath under water. Therefore illogical. I could have died that day. But fate had decided to keep me alive and it would show me that would be the first human to betray logic and almost cost me my life. I was 6.

The End

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