Vents, cogs, and so much more. (short)Mature

Something I randomly typed.

For years I'd been planning the perfect escape. A game plan that would solve every problem I had. On the eve of my 19th Easter, I completed it. A way to run away, without any one noticing my plight. Every girl, (and some men) dream of a shining princely character to take the a way. They'd live in a big castle and be free from what ever ails them.  For me this chance had finally come. Instead I had a prince, who'd rather be a princess; a dark and mysterious friend who lives in the world of technology; and a very dear friend who'd been close to me since my memories and true conciousness began.

It was a simple plan. All the maths added up. The castle, the horses, the princes and the plan. We were to move up to a different part of the country. It would be far from home and a drastic change of scenery, but it was just far enough to keep those we hated at bay. It was a lightning action plan. A do or die situation. We couldn't postpone it any further. We had to go and we were going for ever. Going back wasn't an option. And I'd rather die than go back.

So to our new home we went. With enough money to last a long while, food to last almost a month, enough decor to make the house instantly comfy, and enough hope to stop even hell in its tracks. As we were driven there we held everything dear to us in our arms. My old friend held her cats and soothed them through out the journey. The dark one held his new laptop. The prince/hime held a plush bag full of goodies, and I held onto my brain and the remainder of my sanity.

The End

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