venting out inner emotionsMature

Venting out, because sometimes it has to be done.

 It comes to something when you accidently come across someone's picture and read a load of bullshit written about you.
In a way I should be flattered that people feel they must completely warp the truth to satisfy their own insecurities.

So, I'll clear somethings up for you: My parents have never abused me for having friends, I have never lived in a dog house, I have never tried to hang myself using a tie, I have never declared that anyone is going to scratch anyone's face, I have never written a song about any friend in particular- my songs come from inspiration from other artists, and usually tv shows, I have never had anyone come to my house and act like they're drunk, I never claimed I was 'individual' because I wore ribbons, all I said was I like ribbons, and had done before it became popular.

I have never been homophobic, I am not racist, I have never called anyone a 'fat hippo'. I do not go around telling people their darkest secrets.

It's nice to see that any genuine stuff I've spoken about have been completely manipulated to make it worse than it actually is. Clearly, to all those liars, I suggest that maybe you write a book or something because you clearly have a lot of imagination.

If a person was ever ashamed, or sorry for whatever they've done in the past they'd have deleted any horrid comments about a person.

So this is me, venting out steam, and letting it go, because quite frankly, people who are obssessed with me aren't worth my obssession with them.

The End

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