Venting: The Thinker

Well, what do you want from me? Tape?

Don’t look at me like that! It’s a valid question.

Tape fixes everything,  even a broken heart. I should know.

 The Thinker:

I enjoyed reading that insightful realization of yours. It opened my eyes to a whole other world.. inhabited by the weak and the senseless.

With quotes like those, you could find yourself one every calendar at the 24-hour pharmacy.

Or better yet, write your own self-help book and hire a trucker as your marketing campaign manager.

Why? Street smarts.

With your extraordinary talent and second-rate publicity, you’d be well on your way to mediocre stardom.

I can see it now.

Philosophy for the Emotionally Incapable sold in stores worldwide.

The face of Spencer King in the Weekly Reader’s Digest.

Mockumentaries translated into forty seven languages…

Before you know it, you’ll be scripting reality TV shows and endorsing Intermission popcorn.

Good luck.

The End

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