Venting: A La Bromista

Haha! Very funny Joker, La bromista:

Eres muy gracioso, per no estoy riendo. Creo que he olvidado cómo.


And Anessa, my dear, my little butterfly.. Of course I remember! That day was so vivid, so… memorable.

It was a windy autumn afternoon, and the sun showed its face only every once in a while, when it managed to escape the shadow of the clouds. You know how much I like sunny days, and so some might find it strange that I was content with the weather… Have you guessed why? It was because I found a new sun, one brighter and oh-so-gorgeous. It was a girl, one who walked like a butterfly flapping its dainty little wings, and to my great delight, she walked right towards me.

“Hey. Spencer, right?” A smile froze on my face as she said, almost whispered, those first words to me.

Surpirise, surprise! I bet you just fell out of your chair.

Now, I’m not sure how much shock you can handle, so just know that I will never forget. Never.

I promise you that.

The End

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