Venting: A Mi Mariposa

A mi mariposa: El mariposa.

No sé por qué, pero yo estaba riendo. Lo-

Oh, wait! I completely forgot!

Do you know how amusing it is to imagine that utterly confused look on your face? You might hurt yourself cocking those eyebrows so high, you know.

I think I should stick to English now, considering you have no idea what I just said. I bet you don’t even know what language that was. Coughspanishcough.

Anyways, I see you actually did something right. Butterflies. I could say that over and over again, and not even think about wha-

Oops! I’m thinking about it, aren’t I? Well then, I guess since I brought it up, I might as well continue.

Butterflies. That has so much more meaning than you might realize. It brings back so many memories, from so long ago. Do you remember?

I guess not…

Hmm.. You know what’s weird? I can’t hear my laughter anymore, and my smile has faded.. All becuase of a memory, a particularly cheerful one.

The End

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