Venting: Just Kidding!

Ello luv! Just kidding…

I find it quite amusing that you seem to know everything about me, yet nothing at all…

I am not laughing. I am not smiling. I do not feel any better knowing you are hurt.

Just wanted to get that out there.

My life is great, by the way. I have no job, I have no money. My fridge is empty, and my bills aren’t paid. All I can do is sit here in my jelly-stained pajamas and wait for your reply.

Can’t you see how you’ve got me hooked?

Oh, and I wanted to add, for once in your life, you are wrong. I miss your blank smile and your harsh stare. I want once more to be the victim of your sarcastic rants, your sadistic nature. So now you see, you aren’t the idiot, I am.

I am an idiot. I am THE idiot. I am the idiot of all idiots, and that’s just fine with me.

It’s not like its any worse than where I’m at right now… Writing a letter to a girl that probably won’t even read it.

The End

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